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Rivalry hits boiling point between Acast podcasts Firecrotch & Normcore and Previously On… Succession

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Rivalry hits boiling point between Acast podcasts Firecrotch & Normcore and Previously On… Succession

Dysfunctional family drama, Succession, is on the lips of millions of people at the moment. The series, which follows the Roy family as they fight between themselves for control of their global media company, is just in the middle of its third season. And as you might imagine, there’s more than a few Succession companion podcasts following this season of the show.

On the Acast Creator Network, two of them, Firecrotch & Normcore and Previously On… Succession, are currently tied up in a fearsome rivalry to dominate the market.

The podcasts both launched on Acast in October to mark the highly anticipated return of season three of the Succession TV series, each offering listeners an in-depth commentary on the plotline and character, allowing listeners to get even more of the Roy family, discuss fan theories and shocking plot twists.

However, as the series continues to unfold, so does the podcaster’s discord. This week, Firecrotch & Normcore released a public statement in response to Previously On… Succession’s press conference discussing “the other podcast’s” attempt at a hostile takeover. There have been talks of plans for the podcasting giants to sit down for a shareholder meeting – which is rumoured to take place on a crossover episode at the end of the season…

Whilst is may seem cut-throat, the tongue-in-cheek animosity from both podcasts is in line with the tone of the show. And this is also a good example of how cross-promotion can work on podcasting, perhaps one of the few platforms where ‘rival’ shows can feel confident to share an audience.

And it just goes to show how we can’t get enough of TV companion podcasts!

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