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School’s in session with these top educational podcasts


School’s in session with these top educational podcasts

This time of year marks the youngest in society sharpening their pencils and readying their books for a new year of education. However, for most of us, these days the bell we hear on Monday mornings tends to be our wretched iPhone alarm clock signalling the start of our work week.

But education never truly stops. Whether it’s learning a new skill or the science behind baking, the school of life is vast — and it’s not limited to the confines of formal education. That said, we often have to get creative in giving ourselves time to consume information and get our curiosity going.

Here are my top six educational podcasts, from history to how to be a great leader, that can help continue your education from the comfort of your own home.

Everything Under the SunEverything Under The Sun!

The much-acclaimed children’s podcast, hosted by author and original QI elf Molly Oldfield, returns for a third series this month. The science-themed podcast invites a host of well-known personalities and experts to answer questions from curious children. Listen now on Acast >>

Homeschool history podcastHomeschool History

After nearly a year spent unable to enter classrooms, pupils needed more creative ways to learn. The Homeschool History podcast provides just that, in the shape of fun history lessons for all the family. The show is full of facts and jokes and brings to life a broad range of historical topics. Listen now on Acast >>


For the Einsteins of the world, there’s Sidenote by AsapSCIENCE — the hit podcast where Mitch and Greg explain the science behind a new subject, using studies, anecdotes, and interviews to keep you entertained. Listen now on Acast >>

History Extra PodcastHistory Extra

As a former history major, trust me when I say the History Extra Podcast keeps history buffs fully indulged with the curiosities and world events of the past. This week, Neil Faulkner reveals how the Anglo-Arab Wars of 1870-1920 helped give rise to the first modern jihad — you won’t want to miss it. Listen now on Acast >>

The Lazy GeniusThe Lazy Genius

This is arguably one of the most necessary school of life podcasts out there (and one I can relate to the most). The Lazy Genius podcast is here to help you become a genius when it comes to the things that matter — and lazy about the things that don’t. From laundry, to cooking chicken, to making new friends, host Kendra is here to welcome you into an easier way of life. Listen now on Acast >>

No bull Leadership podcastNo Bullsh!t Leadership

Last but definitely not least is the no-nonsense No Bullsh!t Leadership podcast, for budding CEOs and change-makers. Each week, host Martin G Moore shares the secrets of high-performance leadership; the career accelerators you can’t learn in business school, and that your boss is unlikely to share with you. Listen now on Acast >>

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