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INTERVIEW // Scroobius Pip on his Distraction Pieces Mental Health specials


INTERVIEW // Scroobius Pip on his Distraction Pieces Mental Health specials

With the easing of restrictions across the country seemingly going to plan, many of us are feeling optimism and excitement about what lays ahead. The ability to see friends and family again, to be able to venture further than your local park and to frequent the cinemas, pubs and restaurants that remained closed for so long. And while on a surface level that excitement makes sense, deep down many of us are dealing with varying levels of anxiety about the perceived return to ‘normality’. Scroobius Pip, host of the Distraction Pieces Podcast, understands those feelings all too well, so decided to put together a series of special episodes on the subject.

Titled “Where’s Your Head At?”, Pip has recorded conversations with a variety of guests focusing on just that – how have you coped over the past year or so and how are you feeling now? We caught up with Pip to find out more…

What’s the idea behind the “Wheres Your Head At?” episodes?

Basically I started getting kind of spun out by the fact all the dialogue in the U.K. seemed to be focused on the excitement of the pubs being open again… rather than the impact this past year has had on our mental health and the potential anxieties attached to the new reality going forward. So I wanted to have a series of short discussions showing a range of perspectives on it all.

Who can we expect to hear from?

So many people. Stephen Graham, Florence Pugh, Jamali Maddix, Simon Pegg, Lena Headey, Konnie Huq, Dane Baptiste, Gail Porter… so many! But there’s also chats with my mum and my god daughter. So it’s a real wide range of insights.

Are there any recurring themes you weren’t expecting?

I think I was ready for a lot of “I’ve actually quite enjoyed it”… because I’ve been in that conversation a lot myself too. But every time when we dug a little deeper there were always things that had caught us off guard. One of the nice surprises was the amount of people who have found things they want to continue with going forward.

How have you coped with the past year on a personal level?

I’ve actually quite enjoyed it… haha. Nah, I’ve had ups and downs. Something I heard a lot was the first lockdown being quite fun and novelty and the second/third being a lot tougher. That was interesting to hear as for the second/third I was in another country and really struggled in places… but assumed it was due to being so far from everyone. So it was interesting to hear that most people were struggling then too, regardless of location.

Which podcasts have helped you through the pandemic?

So many! At the end here I’ve got really into Chatabix. They’re short, rambling episodes out 5 days a week. It’s Joe Wilkinson and David Early just getting up on the morning and jumping on Zoom for a 25 minute chat that often goes no where but is always a joy as they crack each other up. The Taskmaster Podcast has also been a great new addition to my listening schedule.

The first episode featuring Stephen Graham, Gail Porter, Paapa Essiedu and Jenny Meads (Pip’s Mum!) is out now with all other episodes being released across the rest of May.
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1 Comment

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