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Self Care Club: Celebrating sisterhood this International Women’s Day

Lauren and Nicole from The Self-Care Club podcast


Self Care Club: Celebrating sisterhood this International Women’s Day

Today marks International Women’s Day, a global celebration of the social, economic and political advances in women’s rights. But on a more personal level, it’s also a day to celebrate the wonderful women that populate your life. Self Care Club: Wellness, Road Tested has been offering not just a day, but a week of celebrating women. Last week, Lauren and Nicole explored the theme of ‘sisterhood’ and discussed the positive influence that female friendship has on your well-being. “For our practices, we wrote to women who we admire in the world; celebrating them and thanking them,” Lauren explains. “We also chatted to Selina, one of the founders of Project Love, about their work and she gave us some tips about sisterhood circles before we embarked on running one ourselves.”

Most excitingly, this afternoon, Self Care Club is releasing an exclusive interview with Cat Lantigua, a Community Architect and Wellness leader, about the importance of sisterhood and social healing. Cat founded the Goddess Council in 2018 – a sisterhood circle and wellness community that brings women of all walks of life together. The bonus episode will also feature voice notes and emails from listeners celebrating the women that inspire them every day.

Lauren and Nicole from The Self-Care Club podcast

What does sisterhood mean to you?

L: Sisterhood to me is about being accepted, loved and supported by a small group of women who know me to my bones. Friends who are there to celebrate the good times with and to support each other through the bad times. It is about showing up exactly as you are, knowing you will be listened to and understood.

N: Sisterhood is probably one of the most important parts of my life. I’m a women’s coach, but I also have a sister, two daughters and girlfriends of 30 years. There is nothing more powerful and transformational than female relationships. When women open their hearts and speak vulnerably to one another, that is where the magic is.

You finish every interview on the show with this question, so today I’m asking you: what do you do for your own self-care?

L: The pandemic has shown me the importance of getting fresh air and moving my body. A walk with my dog never fails to make me feel better even on the most miserable of days. Being outside and having small social interactions with people from my neighbourhood is immensely cheering. Just seeing someone who doesn’t live in my house feels like a treat! I also indulge in trash TV to switch off my brain if it’s feeling overloaded – ‘Married at First Sight Australia’ and ‘Real Housewives’ are my go-to shows.

N: I am really conscious of looking after myself and thus very much invest the time into my wellbeing. My main self-care practice is exercise. It keeps me fit, energised and sane, and also hugely alleviates my anxiety. My guilty pleasure (like Lauren) is ‘Real Housewives’ – some people like mindfulness, I prefer catfights. Most importantly though, I am always changing it up; if it puts a smile on my face, then it’s self-care.

Listen to the Self Care Club: Wellness, Road Tested International Women’s Day special on March 8th via all major podcast platforms.

Self Care Club: Wellness, Road Tested, tests out self-care so you don’t have to! Spearheaded by women’s coach Nicole Goodman and doula Lauren Mishcon, the Self Care Club was formed over coffee when Nicole and Lauren realized that self-care had become just another weight on women’s shoulders. As such, every week, the ladies test out a new form of self-care – from practising gratitude to goat yoga – and report back to you with the results.

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