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INTERVIEW // Shaun Keaveny from The Line Up

Sean Keaveny The Line Up


INTERVIEW // Shaun Keaveny from The Line Up

Shaun Keaveny is no stranger to hosting music shows. He made his name in radio hosting the 6 Music Breakfast Show for over a decade, but now his podcast The Line-Up, gives its music-loving guests the chance to curate their very own dream festival from start to finish.

The first series saw some iconic moments (including Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds’ choice of Kendrick Lamar to headline over The Beatles) and now Shaun is back for a second series.

This season promises even more excitement, imagination and controversy – with special guests including musical heavyweights such as Paul Weller, Nadine Shah and Rag’n’Bone Man as well as acclaimed actors in Maxine Peake and Himesh Patel.

We asked him to tell us more about the show, and how he’s finding podcasting so far…

Congratulations on your Pod Bible Poll Winners nomination! How has the reception for the podcast been so far?

It’s been so warm wonderful and positive! It’s a really simple concept but it seems to be just what people are after right now. We’ve been lucky to grab some superb guests and I think we have managed to get some really emotive and funny chats out of them.

As you said on the Pod Bible podcast, the premise of this podcast can be a great pub discussion! But how did this make its way into podcast form?

It’s down to my old compatriot Matt Everitt, and his mate Graham Hodge, who are evil podcast genii. They synthesised the format, and dragged me on at the last minute as pure talent. I think the idea percolated up in those dark days when festivals seemed a distant dream.

You spoke a little bit about the difference between podcast and radio – but do you think this show would have been different if you’d done a radio show?

You know how much I love radio, it is my original home, however I do think the podcast format is often better for longer form chats isn’t it? There is a slightly more relaxed feeling about it, and you don’t have to hit the news on the hour.

There are a few music heavyweights you’ve had on the show and you have some legends coming up – dare you tell us if there’s one you were most star-struck by?

They have all been by turns charming, effusive, hilarious and moving, but KEITH BLOODY URBAN was the one I was most star struck by. He was charm personified, a real laugh, and he showed me two guitars that were worth more than my house.

Who’s your dream guest for the podcast?


What is the most valuable lesson you have learned from making the podcast?

Don’t try and record a podcast in a Lakeland hotel. (Listen to the Gregory Porter episode to find out why…)

Are we going to hear about your dream festival at some point?

I am a terrible curator. I cannot make decisions and frankly my knowledge is not extensive enough. That is what love about doing the show, I learn so much music from the guests!!

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The Line-Up is available on Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Spotify, Acast and all podcast providers

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