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STUDIOCANAL Presents – The Podcast: Dive into the renowned film library

STUDIOCANAL presents the podcast


STUDIOCANAL Presents – The Podcast: Dive into the renowned film library

Have You Heard? is where the Pod Bible team meet the people behind the podcasts you may not have heard of, but we think you should have.  Today, we’re learning more about STUDIOCANAL Presents – The Podcast, a movie show celebrating and exploring exceptional films and series with a deep dive into STUDIOCANAL’s renowned and world-spanning library. Host Simon Brew tells us more…

Simon – how did you get involved in the STUDIOCANAL Presents – The Podcast?

The idea was being talked about for a little while before it actually happened. STUDIOCANAL has, from issue one, been incredibly supportive of my Film Stories project, from the podcast to the print magazine. Over time, the conversation began about an official STUDIOCANAL podcast, to go through this incredible library of films – just as Film Stories’ own podcast was enjoying lots of success.

Following long and very fun conversations with the STUDIOCANAL team, myself and Jane Long – the show’s brilliant producer – got the greenlight, and it’s gone from there.

What’s been your favourite moment of the podcast so far?

Many. The less obvious ones are the films I personally wouldn’t have discovered, so deep in research I found new movies I really liked. On the podcast itself, Ken Loach taking the mickey out of my Midlands accent was something I didn’t ever anticipate happening in my lifetime, nor discussing Asim Chaudhry’s burner account!

But it’s the range of guests really that have helped lift it so much. Lots of interesting people, most of whom I’d never otherwise be able to meet.

Who’s your dream guest for the podcast?

Well, Kevin Costner is always my go-to, but he hasn’t made any STUDIOCANAL films (yet!). Steve Martin would be a joy, though, as would Guillermo del Toro, Celine Song, Jessie Buckley, James Cameron, and Paddington Bear.

What film haven’t you discussed yet but you’d love to?

Oh, Cliffhanger. They veto me every time! Our production meetings are quite something. I’m still thrilled I got Santa Claus: The Movie through!

Do you think that listeners should have seen the films before listening to the episodes?

No. We’re careful to flag up spoilers, although we’re also conscious that sometimes, given the films we’re talking about, it’s hard to avoid chatting about the ending. But I’d still say no you don’t, but inevitably, you’ll get even more out of the show if you have.

How important do you think it is to use clips of the films in the podcast?

It enriches it. Jane Long won’t like me for saying this, but she’s a brilliant producer and editor, and works really hard to make it sound sleek and professional. I mean, it’s what she’s great at, as anyone who listened to her work on the BBC’s Screenshot knows. But the level has from the outset been high, and the clips are very much a part of that.

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