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Susan Cole from Tell Me About It – a podcast about HIV

Tell Me About It HIV podcast


Susan Cole from Tell Me About It – a podcast about HIV

After the Channel 4 TV series It’s A Sin has increased HIV awareness, you may want listen to a podcast about HIV to learn more. Whilst there are not many to choose from, the charity NAM aidsmap and Radioville have released a timely six-part podcast series, Tell Me About It. In this new podcast, we hear people with HIV today share their experiences. We asked the HIV activist and influencer, Susan Cole, to tell us more about creating a podcast about living with HIV.

Susan Cole Tell ME About It

Dr Halima Begum (left) talks to Susan Cole (right) in Episode 1.

Tell us about your show! Who are you and what’s your elevator pitch?

Tell Me About It is the podcast from NAM aidsmap which challenges HIV myths and smashes stigma. There are big gaps between what people think about HIV, and what it actually feels like and means to live with it today. So each episode is an honest conversation between people sharing their experiences of living with HIV, or opening up about their assumptions and what they’d love to know more about.

Why podcasting? What is it about the format that appeals to you?

Podcasting is absolutely the most engaging way to fit into people’s day-to-day lives. A friend in your ear, making you laugh, teaching you something new…

I’ve already learnt a lot about HIV from listening to the first episode of the podcast. If there was one thing listeners took away from your podcast, what would you like them to learn about HIV?

There’s no one way to live with HIV – people living with HIV all have very different experiences, and all those experiences deserve to be heard.

Who’s your dream guest for the podcast?

Gill Scott-Heron in conversation with Nelson Mandela, Freddie Mercury talking to Princess Diana…

And I think in this instance it is also poignant to ask: do you have a dream listener? Who do you think needs to hear these stories?

Somebody who has seen all the headlines about HIV over the years but has never spoken to anyone living with it…someone who’s seen It’s A Sin but doesn’t yet know how much things have changed in treatment and prevention… anyone whose memories of HIV are from the 80s/90s and anyone who thinks HIV isn’t something they need to worry about or could be affected by.

Is there a particular interview or episode that has really stuck with you or means the most to you?

They all mean a lot, and our guests have been so generous in sharing their experiences and stories…and each one tells a different tale so we can’t choose!

Which podcasts inspire you most?

Talking Stigma with Gareth Thomas was great, a brilliant deep dive into such a memorable moment in the fight against HIV stigma. Outside of health, the relationship podcast Where Should We Begin? With Esther Perel is a model we aspire to – completely addictive, mind-blowingly honest and personal stories that genuinely have the potential to open minds and change behaviour.

Where can the Pod Bible readers find out more about you?

Our website – – has all the most recent and scientifically accurate information on HIV prevention and treatment, from all over the world. We have some great videos, including a fortnightly broadcast on HIV and COVID called #aidsmapCHAT, available on Twitter and Facebook  And we’d love to hear thoughts on the podcast – you can email us on





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