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The Pod Bible Podcast is the podcast podcast where podcasters talk to podcasters about podcasts and podcasting. Does it get anymore meta?

The show is hosted by Pod Bible editor Adam Richardson and occasionally features fellow Pod Bible co-founders Stu Whiffen and Scroobius Pip.

We bring you a bite size, magazine style show featuring three guests talking about their show or the shows they enjoy listening to. The aim is to give you a chance to hear from your favourite podcasters while also introducing you to people and podcasts you may not be aware of yet.

Guests include the people behind podcasts such as Off Menu, No Such Thing As A Fish, Football Ramble, Griefcast, Films To Be Buried With, The Receipts, Drunk Women Solving Crime and many, many more. Let’s spread the word of pod!

The Pod Bible Podcast is available to listen to on Acast, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and all good podcast outlets!


    Sonder & Salt: Rooted in a love for food

    By April 16, 2024

    Have You Heard? is where the Pod Bible team meet the people behind the podcasts you may not have heard, but we think you should have. Sonder & Salt is a weekly podcast for food lovers by Malaika Malz and Harleigh Reid. Based on the concept of ‘sonder’, the realisation that every passerby has a life as vivid and complex...

  • Hacks and Flaks podcast interview Hacks and Flaks podcast interview


    Hacks and Flacks: How media (Hacks) and PR (Flaks) work in tandem

    By January 17, 2023

    Have You Heard? is where the Pod Bible team meet the people behind the podcasts you may not have heard of yet. This time we’re speaking to Andrew MacDougall and Giles Kenningham, the ‘flaks’ on a new podcast that shares the inside scoop on how journalist hacks and the flaks of government work behind the scenes to decide which stories,...

  • Tell Me About It cover image Tell Me About It cover image


    Tell Me About It: Learn about the fascinating life of Scroobius Pip

    By August 3, 2022

    The rumours are true! Never content with the number of podcasts in the world (or indeed the number of of their own) two of the Founders of Pod Bible magazine have launched a new podcast. Tell Me About It is the newest addition to the Distraction Pieces Network, and it gives listeners a chance to learn more about Scroobius Pip,...


    THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO… Chris & Rosie Ramsey

    By June 8, 2022

    After getting married and starting a family, Chris and Rosie Ramsey soon disocvored that the only way to have an uninterrupted conversation was to start a podcast. We speak to the hosts of Sh**ged. Married. Annoyed. about the married couple dynamic, laughing too loud and their favourite pods. PB: If you could go back to just before you recorded the...

  • Socially Distanced Sports Bar extra Socially Distanced Sports Bar extra


    The Socially Distant Sports Bar brings something extra to Spotify!

    By November 25, 2021

    The Socially Distant Sports Bar has launched subscriptions on Spotify! Whilst the podcast isn’t new to paid content (it already offers bonus content on Patreon) this link-up with Spotify will allow them to share new recordings with their fans who listen on Spotify. We asked host Steff Garrero to tell us a bit more about the process, what listeners can...

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