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The Pod Bible Podcast is the podcast podcast where podcasters talk to podcasters about podcasts and podcasting. Does it get anymore meta?

The show is hosted by Pod Bible editor Adam Richardson and occasionally features fellow Pod Bible co-founders Stu Whiffen and Scroobius Pip.

We bring you a bite size, magazine style show featuring three guests talking about their show or the shows they enjoy listening to. The aim is to give you a chance to hear from your favourite podcasters while also introducing you to people and podcasts you may not be aware of yet.

Guests include the people behind podcasts such as Off Menu, No Such Thing As A Fish, Football Ramble, Griefcast, Films To Be Buried With, The Receipts, Drunk Women Solving Crime and many, many more. Let’s spread the word of pod!

The Pod Bible Podcast is available to listen to on Acast, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and all good podcast outlets!

  • Lick The Plate food podcast with Cameron Bernard Jones Lick The Plate food podcast with Cameron Bernard Jones


    Lick The Plate: Food is community

    By January 18, 2024

    From the wonderful stage and voice actor Cameron Bernard Jones, Lick The Plate explores how cuisine and food culture ties into the everyday. With conversations shared over a snack, a meal, a cocktail or simply over a tea or coffee, listeners and guests get to know each other by savouring memories, sipping curiosities, spilling tea and serving up good vibes!...


    These are the BEST podcasts about Great British Bake Off

    By November 8, 2023

    It’s odd to think now that prior to 2010, nobody snickered at soggy bottoms and the Hollywood handshake was a level of human achievement which remained as yet out of reach. But The Great British Bake Off is part of the furniture now, and despite shuffling presenters and channels has retained its cosy charms, and its weekly knockout format makes...

  • Where to start with DISH podcast - best episodes Where to start with DISH podcast - best episodes


    Where to start with… Dish

    By October 12, 2023

    Our Where To Start series aims to give you a point of entry into the shows you’ve heard of, but never heard… This time, Tom Nicholson is  recommending episodes from our Issue #029 cover stars Dish! Far be it from us to start gushing about high street supermarkets, and obviously other high street supermarkets are available, but everything Waitrose does comes...

  • Food podcasts Food podcasts


    5 of the best food podcasts

    By November 30, 2021

    Of all the things to make a podcast about, you’d think food would be one of the trickiest. You can’t do lingering shots of a nicely turned-out Bakewell tart like on the telly, and the fun of finding out about new, delicious stuff you’ve never encountered before shouldn’t work without knowing roughly what it smells and tastes like. And yet,...

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