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The Pod Bible Podcast is the podcast podcast where podcasters talk to podcasters about podcasts and podcasting. Does it get anymore meta?

The show is hosted by Pod Bible editor Adam Richardson and occasionally features fellow Pod Bible co-founders Stu Whiffen and Scroobius Pip.

We bring you a bite size, magazine style show featuring three guests talking about their show or the shows they enjoy listening to. The aim is to give you a chance to hear from your favourite podcasters while also introducing you to people and podcasts you may not be aware of yet.

Guests include the people behind podcasts such as Off Menu, No Such Thing As A Fish, Football Ramble, Griefcast, Films To Be Buried With, The Receipts, Drunk Women Solving Crime and many, many more. Let’s spread the word of pod!

The Pod Bible Podcast is available to listen to on Acast, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and all good podcast outlets!

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    By January 4, 2024

    It’s a brand new year and we’re all very excited for what’s ahead in podcasting in 2024. Which new shows will take the charts by storm? Will any of our old favourites make a surprise return? How will we fit everything we want to listen to into a seven day week?! Before we worry about any of that however, it’s...

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    By January 9, 2023

    WELCOME TO 2023 PODCAST FANS! As is our tradition, we ended our 2022 with the Pod Bible Polls, and now it’s time to start the new year with a celebration of the winners! This was the fourth annual Pod Bible Polls, where we ask listeners to vote for their favourite podcasts of the year. All of the nominees featured in...

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    By January 4, 2022

    HAPPY NEW YEAR PODCAST FANS! We hope you had a wonderful Christmas break and managed to fit in lots of lovely podcast listening. Let’s cut to the chase shall we? It’s time to announce the winners of our third annual Pod Bible Polls! At the start of December we asked listeners to vote for their favourite podcasts of the year...

  • Sneakerheads Sneakerheads


    Top 5 podcasts for sneakerheads

    By December 16, 2021

    If there’s one thing we know podcasts do really well, it’s getting deep into topics that may seem niche from the outside. Alex Lopategui takes a look at 5 podcast about sneakers…  Whether you’ve battled the elements queuing outside the sneaker store overnight awaiting a release or you simply know who Joe La Puma is, being a sneaker head is...


    5 podcasts celebrating sobriety for Sober October

    By October 1, 2021

    With ‘Sober October’ fast approaching, many will be considering stopping drinking. Giving up alcohol whether short-term or long-term can feel like swimming against the tide in an alcohol-centric society. I gave up drinking a couple of years ago for mental health reasons and whilst it’s mostly been a hugely positive experience for me, I’ve found sober podcasts to be a...


    INTERVIEW // The Secret Drug Addict

    By June 9, 2021

    He’s one of social media’s biggest enigmas. He’s got a cult following with more twitter traffic than the world’s biggest commuter line at rush hour. He’s the one and only Secret Drug Addict. Having worked at the apex of the British music industry in the 90s, Secret Drug Addict (SDA) has since gone on to be very open about his...

  • Why do people listen to True Crime Why do people listen to True Crime


    Podcast enthusiast turned Sherlock Holmes: Why do people listen to true crime podcasts?

    By June 4, 2021

    True crime has long been a genre that’s kept us wanting more, and it’s going nowhere any time soon. Since the emergence and boom of podcasting, listeners have been able to gorge themselves on investigative stories from across the globe while grabbing the weekly shop or during leg day at the gym. But what’s behind our ever-growing itch to uncover...

  • great solo podcasts great solo podcasts


    5 Solo podcasts you need to socialise your ears with

    By April 6, 2021

    Many people feel they have what it takes to hold someone’s attention for a whole podcast episode… but anyone that has tried will know how truly huge a task that is. Here are 5 solo podcasts that make it look easy. (Note: some of these podcasts occasionally have guests but the bulk of the time they’re very much one person...

  • pod bible poll winners 2020 pod bible poll winners 2020



    By January 6, 2021

    HAPPY NEW YEAR POD FANS! It’s time to announce the winners of our second annual Pod Bible Polls! At the start of December we asked listeners to vote for their favourite podcasts of the year within a number of categories. All nominees had featured in Pod Bible Magazine or on the Pod Bible Podcast in 2020 but the final Independent...


    The Top 10 Podcasts That Saved Me From Myself in 2020

    By December 29, 2020

    It’s the end of December now, time for everyone to write their year-in-review lists. Although, I have no idea how reviewers and columnists will be comprising their typical top-whatever lists for such an atypical year: Best Albums I Won’t See Performed Live, Best Movies I Watched In My Bathrobe. In that spirit, it seemed only fitting someone should create a...

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