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Talking podcasts with Oti Mabuse and Acast


Talking podcasts with Oti Mabuse and Acast

This is Let There Be Pod in Association with Acast. In each issue of the magazine, our partner Acast – home of the UK’s BEST podcasters – sits down for a chat with one of its creators to hear what they love about making podcasts. In this interview, from issue #016, Acast speaks the queen of the dance floor, and host of new podcast The Rhythm of Life, Oti Mabuse

Let’s kick things off: what inspired you to start a podcast?

I was and have always been intrigued and interested in how people relate to their own stories and how they got to where they are — if we
hang out together I’m definitely asking you 100 questions.

What do you love about making a podcast?

The research, the sitting there and learning something new, and seeing them light up as they talk about topics close to their hearts.

What is the meaning behind the name, The Rhythm of Life?

The Rhythm of Life is about how my favourite celebrities became famous either in front or away from the camera — and then walking me through their life and what they’re grateful for and, even more specific, who they think they are today. It’s a project that I love to be a part of
that shows my other side, or at least the side where I’m sitting and listening and still very much enjoying myself.

What are some of your favourite moments from the podcast?

Johannes Radebe was pure and honest, Vicky Pattison is an absolute firecracker who made me feel empowered as a woman, and Roman Kemp has a very open and interesting view on life and how he plans on living his life. All of them opened up to me and I respect them so much for letting me in.

Do your fans and listeners get to see a different side to you on the podcast?

Absolutely — with this podcast it’s almost like us going for lunch and getting to know each other, there’s no script or autocue, it’s all research and interest. It’s people that I hold dear to my heart and those who know I want people to hear the best part of their lives. It feels like I’ve been having these chats with people for years but now fans get a peek as to what me and friends chat about and something I thoroughly enjoy.

What’s one hot tip for the average person to become a better dancer?

There’s only one of you, so bring that to every performance.

Join award winning professional dancer, choreographer, presenter, judge and 2 time Strictly Come Dancing glitterball champion Oti Mabuse as she sits down with her closest celebrity friends, digging deep to show a side of them we’ve never seen before. They’ll be talking about their passions, their downfalls and what makes them tick. Get ready to get up close and personal, this is The Rhythm of Life!

T: @OtiMabuse // I: @OtiMabuse

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