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Talking podcasts with The Girls Bathroom and Acast

Cinzia and Sophia from The Girls Bathroom


Talking podcasts with The Girls Bathroom and Acast

This is Let There Be Pod in Association with Acast. In each issue of the magazine, our partner Acast – home of the UK’s BEST podcasters – sits down for a chat with one of its creators to hear what they love about making podcasts. In this interview, from issue #015, Acast speaks to Sophia and Cinzia, life-long besties who share a YouTube channel and co-host their podcast The Girls Bathroom!

Cinzia and Sophia from The Girls Bathroom
Let’s kick things off – how did your podcast come about?

We had a mini series on our YouTube channel where our subscribers would send in their dilemmas and we’d try and answer them. It was such a great series and went down so well with our audience that we decided to move it over to the podcast world. And this November we’re excited to tell you that we’ll be taking the podcast on a UK tour for seven nights of live shows! A live podcast show with our fans — what could be better than that?

What do you love about making podcasts?

We love that we’ve built a really positive and strong community, and it’s always so flattering to see people emailing in and trusting us with their really personal issues.

What is the craziest dilemma you have answered on the podcast?

There have been so many! We couldn’t possibly pick just one.

How did you come up with the name, The Girls Bathroom?

We were trying to think of the perfect place where these discussions would naturally arise. As every girl will tell you, the girls bathroom is often a place where we all flock to on a night out — and often leave with more friends than when we walked in.

Do you think there needs to be more women in the podcasting space?

Absolutely, the more the merrier! There are so many incredible women out there who would make amazing podcasts for all of us to enjoy.

What’s one hot top for the budding podcaster out there?

Be consistent and find your niche!

The Girls Bathroom

In The Girls Bathroom, Sophia & Cinzia want to help you with your dilemmas, by trying to make sense of these boys wasting your time, the girls trying to make your lives difficult and all the things in between. So join them for a fun but real chat in the girls bathroom! Listen now on Acast >>

@SophiaTuxford // @cinziazullo1

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