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Tell Me About It: Learn about the fascinating life of Scroobius Pip

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Tell Me About It: Learn about the fascinating life of Scroobius Pip

The rumours are true! Never content with the number of podcasts in the world (or indeed the number of of their own) two of the Founders of Pod Bible magazine have launched a new podcast. Tell Me About It is the newest addition to the Distraction Pieces Network, and it gives listeners a chance to learn more about Scroobius Pip, through in-depth chats with his friend, and work colleague, Stu Whiffen. 

They kept it hidden from everyone, but of course I wanted to know more as soon as I found out…

Pod Bible: Can you start by telling us who are you and what…just kidding!

Pip: We are podcast legends! Kidding… it’s a valid question. I’m Scroobius Pip, host of the Distraction Pieces Podcast and part of the Pod Bible crew.

Stu: I’m Stu Whiffen and I’m the host of the Off The Beat And Track Podcast and friend of Pip.

Scroobious Pip

What’s you’re elevator pitch for the new show?

Pip: My first question would be “do you know who I am?”. Basically the podcast is Stu asking me about specific parts of my life and career with each episode being dedicated to a different one. You don’t really have to know who I am though.

Subjects in series 1 include universally relatable stuff like School Days and living through your parents divorce, alongside more career stories like Touring the world playing music and moving into acting.

Stu: It’s a really lovely and often poignant long form interview with Pip who happens to be a good mate so the chat feels well connected and relaxed and the subjects chosen for each episode means the chat moves away from just Pips experiences to the wider conversation on the discussion in hand.

How long have you been working on this secretly? (And how do you both have time to do this??)

Pip: Well we wanted to get the first series in the bag before announcing anything to make sure it’s actually interesting. And, good news, it feels like it really is! So it’s been about 6 months in the making but we are excited it get it out there.

Stu: Well I had to do this thing called “prep” which I’m told podcasters often do which was a new experience so having the time to do that and no urgency to get the series over the line has definitely enabled us to create a really insightful and  lovely series.

Stu Whiffen

Where did the idea come from?

Pip: I basically got asked a few times if I would be interested in writing an autobiography… and there’s nothing I’d enjoy doing less… haha. But chatting to a pal about the past? That’s a bloody joy and hopefully a very enjoyable podcast.

Stu: Pip’s relentless self absorbed chanting from the rooftops to all in earshot really had to harnessed and kicked into shape and it’s been a dirty job but someone had to do it.

Finish this sentence: “You should listen to our new podcast if you like…”

Pip: Scroobius Pip and Scroobius Pip adjacent things.

Stu: To hear a nice open, honest and  friendly natter between two friends, one of which has had a really fascinating journey to date full of great stories,  and the other a former rapper, podcaster and now an actor.


Listen to Tell Me About It now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and other popular podcast apps.

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