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THE ADVOCATE – Run Pod and How to Fail


THE ADVOCATE – Run Pod and How to Fail

Amidst challenging times for us all globally, Louise Jenkins is a firm believer in the power of positivity. While we navigate working from home alongside families and roommates, or finding ourselves out of work entirely, it’s important to channel happiness and remain connected, wherever and however we can. One of Louise’s favorite ways is listening to podcasts, particularly those created, hosted, and led by women. With topics ranging from politics, business, and even running, she introduces us to a bevy of wonderful, women-made shows.

Run Pod

What’s its vibe? What I love about this podcast is not knowing every guest she has on and yet still finding the episodes so engaging and informative, not to mention hilarious. From the cast of Eastenders, many of whom were getting into running for the first time for charity, to radio and TV presenters you would never think were into running. There is no ego here, as Jenni says, if you can move one foot in front of the other, you are a runner and Jenni is ready to welcome you into the RunPod running club with open arms and miles!

How’d you hear about it Lou? I actually think I came across this podcast via the wonderful Pod Bible! 

Recommended episode: That’s a tricky one, but I have to say the chat with endurance runner Susie Chan. I loved hearing about her running journey and how she never set out to be a runner but stumbled into it – truly inspiring. And her Instagram account has had me lacing up and hitting the trails, almost (I ain’t no endurance runner!) every time! 

How to Fail with Elizabeth Day

What’s its vibe? Ever had an honest and positive conversation about failure? It’s not something which comes easily to most, certainly not in British culture. Building on discussions from her book How to Fail: Everything I’ve Ever Learned From Things Going Wrong, Elizabeth holds honest and deeply personal interviews with some incredible guests on the topic of failure. She provides the space for each guest to be able to share and explore their failings and the learnings they have and can take from them. For me, these are conversations we should be having more – after all, we do some of our best learning when we fail! 

How’d you hear about it Lou? Good question!I’ll be honest, I cannot remember but I am so glad I did, however it happened! 

Recommended episode: The one which has really stuck with me is her interview with the formidable Meera Syal. From discussions on race, ageing, embarrassing smear tests and womanhood, I was engrossed with Meera’s honesty and vulnerability throughout their conversation, especially when she spoke about her failure to raise her second child in the way she wanted to and instead being fixated with rigid regimes. This is a discussion of true self-reflexivity and guidance.


Louise Jenkins is a feminist based in the UK. She is a freelancer in women’s and girls’ rights whose work focuses on ending all forms of violence against women and girls, and the power and importance of feminist movements to bring about such change. When her ears aren’t glued to music or her heads in a book she can be found losing her ears and mind to an eclectic list of podcasts, primarily ones led by strong, passionate women.

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