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The best Audible Original podcasts – ghost stories, police documentaries and medical investigations

Audible Originals


The best Audible Original podcasts – ghost stories, police documentaries and medical investigations

Each issue of Pod Bible magazine, our partners Audible bring you a round-up of the Audible Original Podcasts their members are loving, and press are buzzing about too. Without further ado here’s The Holy Grail of listener favourites, from Issue #014 of the magazine…

Sour Hall follows George and Ash, an interracial lesbian couple who move to an isolated farm high up on the Yorkshire moors. As they settle into their new life as dairy farmers, a boggart sets about tormenting both of them, exacerbating the sources of their pain and distancing the  couple from one another. Recorded in partial 360 degree sound on location in Yorkshire, this truly terrifying Audible Original is best enjoyed when listened to with headphones. LISTEN NOW>>

“This was captivating, really using the audio
format to its fullest potential”
A Maloney
“Great atmospheric podcast”

An audio drama set in 1984. Detective Eric O’Malley investigated the deaths of a young couple, their bodies found naked by the side of a creek in Sydney’s suburbs. The case was barely open before it was deemed an accident but O’Malley knew it was murder, he just couldn’t prove it. Thirty-five years later, O’Malley is found dead in his flat in what looks like a drug overdose. His son James knows something’s amiss. His dad was close to solving that case after all these years. LISTEN NOW >>

“Excellent characters and a brilliant plot which
kept me guessing, did not want it to end”
“This is an extremely hard to stop
listen, finished it in one day”

A true story of how four black men were wrongfully convicted of murder. Louis Scarcella. Jonathan Fleming, Sundhe Moses, Jabbar Washington and John Bunn were among dozens of innocent New Yorkers, who spent decades in prison. This Original documentary follows their relentless fight to unveil an insidious pattern of police and prosecutorial corruption in Brooklyn in the 1980s and ‘90s. LISTEN NOW >>

“A brilliant listen”
“One of the most impactful listens ever”
K Dolen

In 2020 remote working became the norm, but our desire to swap the office for the home has been around for decades. This podcast is a practical guide on how to win at remote work hosted by best-selling author and internationally acclaimed CEO, Bruce Daisley. LISTEN NOW >>

“Great insights into the “new” ways
of working”
Kindle Customer
“Work from home mandatory listen”

The Bias DiagnosisBIAS DIAGNOSIS
Junior Doctor, Ivan Beckley, speaks to real people, with real stories, uncovering one of the biggest injustices in modern medicine. Research shows that black people and people of colour die more often and have worse health outcomes in a variety of illness and across different medical fields. Ivan investigates the origins of this bias and debunks the misinformation that has existed for centuries. LISTEN NOW >>

“Everyone needs to
hear this!”
“This is a sociological investigation – and a shocking one at that”
The Guardian

Donor 9623DONOR 9623
When scores of aspiring parents turned to the fertility industry to start families, they chose a music prodigy and gifted athlete who had a genius IQ, movie star looks, and perfect health to be the biological father of their children. Except it was all a lie. Host Dov Fox unravels the case of Donor 9623, examining the complex forces and competing agendas behind the biggest reproductive hoax of our time. LISTEN NOW >>

“A compelling & complex story,
teased out beautifully”
“Excellent podcast. I thought I had made up my mind
until the last episode. Recommended.”

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