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The best new podcasts of SPRING 2024

The best news podcast of 2024 spring podcasts


The best new podcasts of SPRING 2024

It’s time to spring into our 2024 podcast recommendations! There has been such a wide range of shows sprouting up over this season, and we have some great podcasts from the BBC, independent production companies, solo podcasters and even brands investing in great audio content.

Some of our writers have recommended their favourite new shows – all of the released in the past four months. And of course, we catch-up on some of the shows we’ve been recommending weekly in our newsletter…

Self Help by Scottee
Recommended by Suchandrika Chakrabarti

Multi-hyphenate writer and performer Scottee has made a podcast about mental health, which feels like a series of deeply intimate voice notes from your mate who’s just had an epiphany they had to share. As Scottee strode through the rain, I trudged through the drizzle, and listened to him laying out the podcast’s mission statement: “What happens when I’m left alone with the voices in my head, something doctors are always trying to stop me from doing.” Spending time alone with Scottee’s voice in your head is alternately painful and uplifting, illuminating and righteous-anger-provoking. His words will stay with you. Listen now >>

Things Fell Apart – Series 2
Recommended by Tom Nicholson

Jon Ronson’s excellent culture wars pod returns for a second series picking away at the wrong presumptions and half-truths which spawned some of the most insidious wedge issues in British and American politics. This time the conspiracy theory which says 15-minute cities are a Big Government plot is traced back to a meeting at Chipping Norton Town Hall, the death of George Floyd is connected to a spurious mental health diagnosis in the eighties, and lockdown laws in Michigan get a young man mixed up in a terrible crime. Level-headed, humane and meticulous. Listen now >>

The Gatekeepers
Recommended by Zainab Amer

In this eight-part series, author and journalist Jamie Bartlett journeys into Big Tech’s dominance over information. The first episode transports us back to the Capitol riots in 2021 and Trump’s subsequent Twitter suspension. Marking a pivotal moment, Jamie traces social media’s roots back to the 1960s counterculture and a Bill passed by Clinton. Featuring compelling interviews with early tech pioneers, we are left pondering: where do we go from here? The Gatekeepers offers us a fly-on-the-wall experience for anyone interested in how a handful of companies have come to dictate not just what we see, but even what we think. Listen now >>

Never Post
Recommended by Katie Stokes

I love listening to commentary about the internet on the internet. It’s a uniquely meta experience, one I’ve thoroughly enjoyed on the newly released Never Post. The first few episodes are loaded with questions about life online – what is Posting Disease? Why does “influencer voice” exist? When did metrics replace community? And who better qualified to host than Mike Rugnetta, veteran internet dweller and creator who adds this to his array of podcast and video content. Mike shares recent news about the web and story segments with guests, with playful interludes throughout. If the first few episodes are indicative of what’s to come, we can expect curated and creative observations from unexpected pockets of the internet. Listen now >>

Recommended by Francesca Turauskis

If you’re after a masterclass in how to do a buddy podcast to a professional standard, give GASBAGS a go. Given that the show is run by audio-producers, Anna Perrott and Sophie Little, it’s no surprise that this podcast sounds great, and part of the draw for me was the meta-audio concept. Anna and Sophie speak to us from their non-profit podcast studio SOUNDYARD, and offer much-needed transparency to the ups and downs of running a small business as women (with questionable maths skills). This show could have been dry… but the friendship chat is wholesome without being bloated, and the solid structure keeps episodes under half an hour. As a bonus for audio fans, every episode has podcast recommendations and a ‘found sound’ of the week to keep your ears attuned. I am slightly obsessed. Listen now >>

The Plug Podcast
Recommended by Takudzwa Mudiwa

The Plug Podcast connects content creators of colour to creative opportunities. Host Simone Pennant lets us into the conversations her community are having about TV (for example, the response to Jeremy Hunt’s comments comparing British TV to “Hollywood” even though it is facing a major economic downturn) and just four episodes in, there is already a never-ending list of names providing a mix of concrete advice and words of encouragement. This is a thoughtful podcast for creatives of colour and is very informative for anyone who is just interested in TV. The name ‘The Plug’ comes from the idea that someone provides you with valuable resources and information and that is exactly what this podcast does. Listen now >>

Recommendations from our newsletter:

Camlann – one for fiction fans, this podcast is inspired by Arthurian legends but set in a post-apocalyptic Wales. The music and voice acting are both very moving. Listen now >>

Weird Transfers – A series to add to your list of football podcasts, this well-thought-out mini series comes from Sumit Sharma of Breaking Atoms: The Hip Hop Podcasts. It looks into weird football transfers and ran during this season’s transfer window. Listen now >> 

Serial: Series Four – It needs a recommendation as Serial has once again made it to the top of the charts, but the new looks into the truth of Guantánamo in the way only Serial can. Listen now >>

The 3 Body Podcast – Obsessed with the Netflix new series? Did you know there is a companion podcast? There’s a lot to unpack in the 3 Body Problem, and the podcast goes deeper into aspects that are difficult to address in the sci-fi format. Listen now >>

Dead River – Dead River is the story of Brazil’s worst environmental disaster — the Mariana dam collapse — that claimed the lives of 19 people. This isn’t just a tale about the tragedy itself though, but rather a look at the relationship with nature, pursuit of happiness, the impact of greed, and the overnight disappearance of centuries-old traditions. Listen now >>

Oceans: Life Under Water – A collaboration between Crowd Network and Greenpeace UK, this podcast aims to connect people to the world we don’t often see under water. Each episode brings us a couple of interviews and some watery sound design as wildlife filmmaker and broadcaster Hannah Stitfall meets freedivers, whale experts, and much more. Listen now >>

Untold: The Retreat – A fascinating first story for the new investigative series from the Financial Times. Untold: The Retreat examines a group that promotes the intensive meditation known as Vipassana. Thousands of people go on Goenka retreats every year to practise Vispassana, but some participants feel a deep sense of terror, and even a break with reality after such deep meditation. Listen now >> 

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