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The best new podcasts of SUMMER 2023

the best new podcasts of 2023 summer this month


The best new podcasts of SUMMER 2023

School is out for SUMMER! That’s right, we’ve officially reached summer-holiday season, and that means it’s time for phase two of our reboot of the best new podcasts article. Forget Barbenheimer – these podcasts are the real blockbusters of the summer.

For this New Pods, we are bringing you some recommendations from some new writers. We’re looking forward to sharing some more from these writers on the Pod Bible website in the coming months. But for now, check out the new podcasts they think are worthy to grace your headphones…

Digging With Flo
Recommended by Isabella McDonnell, Xeno podcast

Digging with Flo is a new weekly podcast from NTS Radio hosted by the station’s Breakfast Show presenter, Flo Dill. Flo shares her love of gardening by interviewing guests as they do gardening tasks together on her allotment. Music artists, from rappers to post-punk musicians, get their hands dirty with mulch and compost, while listeners explore the roots of their creative lives. Being on Flo’s allotment transforms the interview environment. Metaphors powerfully emerge around ideas of creativity and cultivation, and listeners get deeper conversations that unveil the artists’ nurturing and surreptitious sides. Listen on your podcast app >>

Session Zero
Recommended by Joshua Watson, Freelance Video/Audio Editor

Session Zero is a role-playing podcast with a therapeutic twist. Hosted by Ben (an experienced game master) and Mike (a therapist and avid player) the show isn’t afraid to tackle topics like imposter syndrome or using role-playing as a form of therapy. That being said, it sometimes strays into the realm of a regular DnD podcast, focusing more on the game than therapy. With engaging hosts and a strong premise, I believe Session Zero just needs to more consistently focus on this unique idea to be a “natural twenty” of a podcast. Listen on your podcast app >>

Shiny Bob: The Devil’s Advocate
Recommended by Zainab Amer, Freelance Writer

Scotland during the late 1980s and early 90s was gripped with rumours of a conspiracy – that gay lawyers and judges were perverting the course of justice – and Shiny Bob had the “list” of their names. Award-winning journalist, Myles Bonnar, unravels a news story that threatened the Scottish legal system, and wiped out reputations along with it. His sensitive commentary provides a powerful listen, as well as insight into a time where homophobia and fear were used as cover-ups. It transpires that a master manipulator was using this fear as a diversion tactic from his own horrific crimes. Listen on your podcast app >>

Objeks & Tings
Recommended by Jelena Sofronijevic, EMPIRE LINES podcast and freelance journalist

With its first release on Windrush Day, Objeks & Tings is perfectly timed to celebrate 75 years of Caribbean people, culture, and their contributions in the UK. Each episode explores the story behind an object deeply cherished by an individual, from dutch pots to hot combs. But listeners also get to enjoy personal stories from Catherine and Lynda – the mother-daughter duo behind both the podcast and Museumand, The National Caribbean Heritage Museum. Their bickering over sound systems and who is doing the cooking gives the listener as much food for thought as their fascinating conversations about Black histories and contemporary experiences. Listen on your podcast app >>

The Louis Theroux Podcast
Recommended by Mimi Jones (they/them), Young City Laureate

When I tell you that I never expected to care so deeply about Shania Twain’s personal history, believe me. But after listening to Louis Theroux so gently exploring her past on his new podcast, I couldn’t help but get invested. Theroux is sitting down with some of the world’s most ‘fascinating figures’ and you can’t miss it. With all the same care and genuine interest from his documentaries, the podcast brings a mix of heart-wrenching, deep, and hilarious interviews. So far, seven celebs have taken the dive into their lives with Theroux and it looks like things will only get more interesting from here! Listen on Spotify >>

Perfect Pitch
Recommended by Sara Essa, Freelance Writer

Ever wondered what goes into creating the perfect advert you hear on the radio? If yes, then this could be the new release for you! Each episode, host Hunter March takes us through a fun game-show style programme. After hearing the brief from big brands such as Doritos, Indeed and Athletics Greens, two creatives battle it out by pitching their ideas for the perfect ad. Perfect Pitch is the perfect pod to learn from their ingenuity to perfect your next pitch. It’s the type of podcast I’d enjoy on a walk when I’m taking a midday break from work to re-energise, and I’m quickly adding it to my “need inspiration” playlist for those days I’m lacking creativity. Listen on your podcast app >>

Recommended by Katie Stokes, Freelance Producer

Following the hit 28ish Days Later, India Rakusen brings us another deeply feminist, investigative docuseries. Rakusen unravels what we think we know about witchcraft through lessons in history, science, self-discovery, and a gathering of witches – perfectly balancing the hard evidence against pure, unexplainable magic. The show captures the modern gravity and relevance of witch trials, taking us through Europe, Africa and the Americas (though disappointingly missing the prevalence of witchcraft around Asia). This is a personal, eye-opening, bewitching journey tempting the listener to question, could you be a witch? Listen on your podcast app >>

A Black History of Art Presents: A Shared Gaze
Recommended by J.A.Lovelock, Podcast Creator and Host

Want to know what’s happening in the world of Black artistry? Then tune in to A Shared Gaze. Hosted by Cambridge grad Alayo Akinkugbe this podcast is a conversation, between her and too often overlooked Black contemporary artists and creatives and their work. It introduces you to names and artwork that you have most likely never heard of but wish you did. This podcast is freshly minted and so brand new that only three episodes have so far been published. Listen in if only to savour Akinkugbe’s authoritative, dulcet tones. Listen on your podcast app >>

This Is Awkward
Recommended by Suze Cooper, Big Tent Media

In a world filled with pleasantries, This Is Awkward dives into the heart of difficult conversations. In the first episode, hosts Lyanne Nicholl and Kristy Macleod interview Cate Sevilla, author of How To Work Without Losing Your Mind. They explore giving and receiving feedback, and the balance between boundaries and authenticity at work. The series promises insights into those chats you would rather not have, from talking money with your partner to discussing embarrassing health issues. This is a fresh and empowering perspective on the impact of language and how our words shape our relationships.  Listen on your podcast app >>

History’s Secret Heroes
Recommended by Katherine Collins, Freelance Writer

History’s Secret Heroes is a brand new BBC podcast presented by the talented actress Helena Bonham Carter, and consists of ten 30 minute episodes. Each episode focuses on people throughout history who for whatever reason, have been overlooked. Examples of those include Bela Hazan who went undercover to fight the Nazis in WW2, as well as George Takei (Star Trek) who was a Japanese American imprisoned without trial during the same war. I have a lifelong love of history and am already learning so much from this podcast. Helena is a fantastic presenter. Listen on your podcast app >>

The Retrievals
Recommended by Oli Seymour, Producer 

The Retrievals takes us inside a fertility clinic at Yale, where a procedure is causing patients unbearable pain. We discover that this is due to a nurse stealing the facility’s fentanyl. Journalist Susan Burton takes us through the ensuing investigation and trial with sensitivity and tact,
examining how women are listened to when it comes to their pain – if they’re listened to at all. The Retrievals feels important to me. In the fast paced world of print media, this story might get lost, but the podcast takes the time to help victims’ voices be heard. Listen on your podcast app >>

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