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THE BOOK OF JOE – Recent Podcast Highlights #014


THE BOOK OF JOE – Recent Podcast Highlights #014

Every fortnight, guest writer Joe Ducarreaux picks out his recent podcast highlights in an effort to provide yet more wonderful content for your ears. Joe is an avid podcast listener who has been known to listen to over 40 episodes in just one week. To be honest we’re surprised he found time to write this column…



Insane in the Men Brain with Rich Wilson

Rich Wilson’s podcast has featured before in the Book of Joe blog, but this week’s release was a really special one. IITMB’s aim is to get men discussing their mental health as readily as they would discuss any other given subject. What Rich Wilson achieves with each episode (proven by the number of messages he receives from people with whom he connects) is a gradual dismantling of  the idea of mental and emotional issues being suppressed by machismo. I genuinely believe this will be a historic social artefact when masculinity in the 21st Century will be studied. Frank and moving conversations about struggles suffered by some of the most talented people working today are showcased, particularly in the past week with producer SVNTY6, which for me is a standout podcast.

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The Horne Section Podcast- Greg Davies

This episode of the Horne Section Podcast reunites Taskmaster co-hosts and comedians Alex Horne and Greg Davies. The Horne Section features games played with the full band, guests joining in with songs and a couple of horses from Lagos, Jésus and Jorge. Who venture into space. Greg and the band recite their Royal Variety Performance song about two very different Grandmothers and songs are sung using different translations of one solitary word. Extra points given for guessing the word before the song is over. Upbeat and hilarious listening!

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White Wine Question Time with Kate Thornton- Scroobius Pip, Stu Whiffen and Chris Glasson

It’s a lovely thing to begin listening to a podcast because you are familiar with the guest(s), but it’s quite another to continue listening because you begin to love the host. This is exactly the case for White Wine Question Time and me- I know a lot of Pip, Stu and Chris’ previous work but wasn’t overly familiar with Kate Thornton, but she proves herself to be a welcoming, warming and delightful host. With WWQT, Kate asks her guests three questions, each accompanied with a glass of white wine and invites all answers to be as introspective, wandering, direct or humorous as is desired. A real comfort podcast!

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Joe Ducarreaux is a podcast host, film enthusiast and gardener. For more of his ineffectual and disposable opinions, you can listen to him here or follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

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