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Top 5 episodes – Geek/Nerd Podcasts


Top 5 episodes – Geek/Nerd Podcasts

Spotted a podcast you want to try from a Pod Bible recommendation, but not sure how to dive in? We asked the gang behind Geek/Nerd Podcast to share five podcast episodes and why they’re important to check out for new listeners.

In the beginning there was The Geekly but we soon discovered that we had far too much to talk about and too many interests for one podcast. As a result geek/nerd podcasts was formed, allowing us to pursue what was important to us both individually and collectively.

We have included our current slate of shows and spin-offs below in the hope that we can entertain you with one, but maybe inform and challenge you with another. With content covering a range of topics from niche geek culture to social issues, geek/nerd podcasts offers a little something for everyone.

1. The Geekly #93 – Dark S3 | Doom Patrol 201-203 | The Twilight Zone 202
Join us as we put our years of academia and pop-culture enthusiasm into something fun and light but also insightful and informative. We analyse, review and discuss genre film and television and all the news surrounding it, with as much of an eye on character development and plot momentum as OHHHHMYYYGGOOODDDD moments.

Recent reviews include: Doom Patrol, What We Do in the Shadows, Dispatches From Elsewhere, Dark, The Twilight Zone, Snowpiercer.

2. Podcastaway #5 ft. Ross Chapman
Podcastaway is a monthly show where Jules’s guest picks the nine pieces of electronic media that would keep them sane in a genre fiction inspired isolation situation – which they also choose. Such situations have included a bunker in a post-apocalyptic landscape, the last man alive on a Mars colony base and the classic desert island situation.

Media can include films, tv shows and computer games and through the choices of the guest we get to learn about them and their journey. Episode 5 featured Ross from I Understood That Reference podcast with Episode 6, featuring one of the hosts of Bedknobs and Broomflicks podcast, dropping in the first week of August.

Contact Jules on Twitter if you would like to be a featured guest in 2021.

3. The Leks Files 001: getting the language right
Every month, The Leks Files will discuss one topic, either based on a question someone’s sent, or a subject they’d like to hear about, or maybe even just whatever Leks is obsessed with that month. Some episodes will be serious. Some will be goofy. Some will be somewhere in between. The hope and aim, though, is to inform, entertain, and not get too lecture-y about it.

Leks Drakos is a rogue academic and writer with a doctorate in English Literature and Creative Writing. He specialises primarily in monsters, monstrosity, and representations of the Other in contemporary society. You can follow him on Twitter or visit his website.

4. Vs #2 – Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Vs. B.O.P Harley Quinn
Vs pits two things against each other – what a shock – the caveat is that the two things must have at least a tenuous link.

In episode #1 Space Force and Upload went up against each other as both were created either fully or in part by Greg Daniels. In episode #2 the Harley Quinn of Suicide Squad and the Harley Quinn of Birds of Prey face off in 5 categories. Costume, Script, Fighting Prowess, Character Development and which sequel would we want to see based on where HQ’s story ended.

We discuss the impact of male and female directors, lethal and non lethal fighting methods, comics accurate portrayals compared with more actualised human beings and much more.

If you have any suggestions for future episodes feel free to submit them via DM on Twitter.

5. Q&A with Leks & Jules #2
Not it’s own podcast but we do infrequently answer audience questions. In Q&A #2 we answer six more questions including the most important question we have been asked thus far – If all the actors who ever played Batman were in a fight, as the Batman they played, with all special skills and tools and vehicles that Batman had. Who would win & why?

These sessions are fun and casual but really allow us to flex the geek muscles as we cite examples from all across the fandoms to help with our arguments.

If you have any pop culture, fandom, generally nerdy questions please submit them on Twitter.

The geek/nerd podcasts are available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Acast, and YouTube.


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