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The Hive, at Garden Studios is a unifying podcast studio

The Hive at Garden Studios


The Hive, at Garden Studios is a unifying podcast studio

The Hive, at Garden Studios is a vibrant and exciting hub in London, and a new place for imaginative individuals to unite as a close-knit community. The podcast studio draws many podcasters, including Pod Bible favourite Your Aunties Could Never, and provides all the technical aspects your could need. But it’s the community that is a draw for many, and the eco-values of the studio are on full display in everything from the studio name to the furniture.

We asked Head of Client Services, Farrah Charles, to tell us more about the Garden Studios, and what The Hive memberships can offer to podcasters interested in a different recording experience…

Tell us about The Hive at Garden Studios – what’s your elevator pitch?

The Hive is centred around a dynamic and invigorating ecosystem, where creative individuals come together as a community to explore and embrace new ideas and technologies. It is a unifying experience that fosters connectivity among like-minded individuals, encouraging them to engage and collaborate with one another.

Who are the team behind The Hive?

The brainchild of Thomas Hoegh, founder and CEO of Garden Studios, The Hive is envisioned as a vibrant creative hub for the Film, TV, and Creative industry, open to all creatives. I look after The Hive’s client services with support from the dedicated team of Desiree Reece, Zoe Jones, Kadeam Taylor, Hector Carhill, and Hugo Nordstrom. Not to mention Lou Robinson our Studio Systems Engineer.

Garden Studios The Hive

Is there a particular feature of the recording studio you are most proud to show podcasters?

We’re super proud of the exceptional quality of our facility and equipment available. All you need is an SD card; everything else is readily available. But we’re also very proud that 90% of all the fixtures and furnishings are either remade, recycled, or sustainable sourced. Our aim is to provide easily accessible and incredibly budget-friendly spaces for present and future creatives to bring their vision to life without breaking the bank or compromising on facilities.

What podcasts have used the Garden Studio so far – who would podcasters be joining?

Remel London, Future of Film, Your Aunties Could Never, Lennina Ofori (Awareness Tap), Axel Blake to name but a few.

The Hive at Garden Studios

Who would be your dream podcaster client? Tell us which host you want to see at The Garden Studios!

The truthful answer would be everyone and anyone. We’ve had students come through the doors who have never made a podcast before to professionals who only make podcasts. We’ve loved having them all. We created The Hive because we aspire to be more than just the latest favourite spot for one specific podcaster. Our ultimate aim is to establish ourselves as the go-to destination for all podcasters looking for a home to make their content. A permanent place that can evolve and grow with them. A hub where individuals gather, and where creativity naturally flourishes.

Find out more about The Hive, at Garden Studios now by heading to their website, or book a tour to see the studio space for yourself!

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