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As part of our week-long offering of podcasts to listen to beyond International Women’s Day we’ve looked back into our magazine archives. Choosing the best podcast interviews from so many women worth celebrating was difficult, but if you haven’t read this conversation with our cover-stars of Issue #010, we thought you should! This is the Gospel According to… The Receipts. 

Since their inception in 2016, The Receipts have grown a cult following due to their open & unfiltered approach, where no subject is off limits. We caught up with Audrey, Tolani & Milena to discuss the importance of authenticity, corrupted files and podcasting during a pandemic.

Audrey Indome, Milena Sanchez & Tolani Shoneye

Audrey Indome, Milena Sanchez & Tolani Shoneye

Tell  us about your show! What’s your elevator pitch?

Audrey: The Receipts is a podcast hosted by three women from London made up of Nigerian, Ghanaian and Colombian descent, the show is made up of our lived experiences and no topic is off limits.

Tolani: It’s basically a group chat in podcast form, or that bit of a night out when you’re in the toilets and all the other girls are telling you how beautiful you are, how you deserve all of life’s good bits and that you don’t need your ex.

Milena: We’re very open and little too honest at times!

Why podcasting? What is it about the format that appeals to you?

Audrey: I love the simplicity of the format, the fact you can go to a studio and just talk without all the theatrics. There’s something really cathartic about the process.

Tolani: It’s cheap and it’s also a platform that doesn’t need gatekeepers. There is no set formula, you just go and tell your story.

Milena: I didn’t know much about podcasts prior to starting one but I loved that it felt therapeutic and was an easy way to vent and share all of our experiences.

What’s the secret to being a good podcast host?

Audrey: I think being authentic. As a fan of podcasts you can tell what’s real and what’s not,
I think authenticity translates to your listeners.

Tolani: For me, I would say being a good storyteller, whether the story is theirs or someone else’s, can they tell it well?

Milena: I think just being yourself, only you can do an amazing job at being you! Do not try and be something you’re not because you think that’s what the listeners want.

How have you found podding during a pandemic?

Tolani: Technology is both our best and worst friend. It’s great because it means we can record remotely, but not everyone’s internet connection is good. But it’s been a great way to stay sane during it all. I feel very lucky to be able to do my job and keep making people happy during this time.

Milena: Totally agree! It’s definitely been frustrating but we always get through it, the lovely messages we receive makes it all worth it!

Audrey: At first it was a struggle as we’re so used to recording in the studio but it’s gotten easier as time has gone on.

If you could go back to before you started out and give yourself one piece of advice, what would it be?

Tolani: My piece of advice for myself would be to not let other podcasts influence what I am doing too much. I think we tried to do formulas and it took a few episodes to really find our voice. Also, I would have learnt more about the production side of podcasting.

Milena: I would definitely tell myself to maybe not talk about the people I was dating at that current moment as one week I was in love and then the next I had deleted their number! Though I’ll admit, some made great stories!

Audrey: I would tell myself not to give up too easily. I found that in the past if I tried my hand at something and didn’t see immediate success I would give up.

What’s been your worst podcast moment so far?

Tolani: Ooooh worst, so listening to the earlier episodes stresses me out because the sound on them is so bad. That is the worst for me, just how bad the quality was.

Milena: I think the most frustrating moment we’ve had so far is recording an amazing episode and then the file corrupting, meaning we have to start all over again! Super annoying!

Audrey: For me probably speaking on certain subjects we weren’t equipped to speak about, but it’s all been a learning experience.

Which episode of your podcast means the most to you?

Tolani: Episode 5 of the podcast will always stand out to me. It was the episode we did on Daddy Issues and I think for me it was the first time I really let my guard down and decided to be vulnerable on the podcast. I think that’s when we really started podding.

Milena: I have two episodes that I truly love. Just like Tolly, one is episode 5 but also episode 81 Mummy’s Girl where we all spoke on our different relationships with our Mothers.

Audrey: My favourite episodes are the ones where we have teachable moments but the one episode that means the most to me is episode 12 where we discussed our hair journeys.

Which podcast or podcast hosts inspire you?

Tolani: Modern Love and Passing Through. For me, both these podcasts have perfected storytelling. They manage to tell stories that make you feel like you were there, or that they are sat right in front of you telling it to you and only you.

Audrey: I love hosts that are unapologetically themselves which is why Amanda Seales’ Small Doses is one of my favourites and Chuckie Online from Halfcast too, he’s a great conversationalist.

Finally, what are your current favourite podcasts?

Tolani: Modern Love and The Joe Budden Podcast, both very different podcasts, but I like to diversify my listening.

Milena: I always listen to 90s Baby Show but currently I’ve just discovered a new podcast called Mama’s Code that talks on the realness of motherhood which I love!

Audrey: Amanda Seales Small Doses, Kelechi Okafor’s Say Your Mind and Halfcast.

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