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THE SECOND COMING – David Tennant Does A Podcast


THE SECOND COMING – David Tennant Does A Podcast

Welcome to a brand new, semi-regular feature for the Pod Bible blog – The Second Coming! Podcast host and writer Jordan Rizzieri will be discussing the podcasts she’s discovered through the magazine or via the podcast, what they’re all about and why they’re worthy of her re-recommendation!

When Jenny Falconer appeared on Episode 2 of the Pod Bible Podcast, I was in the perfect mindset for her recommendation. After weeks of watching Good Omens and Broadchurch, I was primed to hear her suggest listeners check out David Tennant Does a Podcast. But really, her recommendation didn’t come from a love of an actor, it came from her own research for her show RunPod, a podcast for runners.

As someone who was on the cusp of releasing her own new podcast, I identified with Falconer’s discussion of what she found admirable about DT’s program. At only 14 episodes, each running at just about an hour, it’s easy to consume. It’s also easy to be drawn in by Tennant’s guests, with actors like Jennifer Garner and Sir Ian McKellan, and even former Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Of all the things to love about the podcast, though, what sticks out is the format. Each episode begins with an outtake of Tennant and his guest getting set up, checking their levels, and becoming comfortable chatting in front of a live mic. Clearly our host is prepared, regularly referencing his own research and notes, but speaks to people with a sense of camaraderie that feels unparalleled.

Often times, podcast hosts fall into habits of talking too much about themselves (a crime I am too often guilty of, myself) or sounding so detached they appear more like judge and jury than interviewer. David Tennant manages to come across as both friend and fan and biographer with his interviewees, allowing each person he speaks with to steer the conversation and delve into the subjects they have a passion to discuss. 

In my two favourite episodes, with Olivia Coleman and Michael Sheen, our host never attempts to dig a juicy story out of them, but instead goes along with them for the journey. Coleman’s self-awareness and Sheen’s passion left me with a great deal to think about, and a desire to share both episodes with everyone I know.

Listening to a gifted speaker and interviewer like Tennant has helped me to better understand the role of a podcast host, and driven me to work harder on improving my own hosting skills. Thanks to Jenny Falconer for this wonderful suggestion.

Jordan Rizzieri/The Lady J is a podcast host, writer, wrestling fan, and dog mom based in Washington, D.C. You can listen to her I Never Told You What I Do For A Living podcast, or follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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