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THE SECOND COMING – Last Bohemians


THE SECOND COMING – Last Bohemians

Welcome to a brand new, semi-regular feature for the Pod Bible blog – The Second Coming! Every few weeks, podcast host and writer Jordan Rizzieri will be discussing the podcasts she’s discovered through the magazine or via the podcast, what they’re all about and why they’re worthy of her re-recommendation!

Just a few short months ago, a friend was celebrating the work of Pauline Black, lead singer of The Selector, sending along song and album recommendations. So it would seem I was once again primed for a Podbible podcast recommendation, this time via Episode 11, when Robert Diament of Talk Art suggested podcast series The Last Bohemians, and in particular the fifth episode with Pauline Black.


Robert’s recommendation explores a deep, personal connection with Pauline and what listening to her episode awakened within himself – how it unearthed feelings he’d perhaps not confronted since he was much younger and was first encountering Pauline and The Selector as a fan. I was not, however, expecting to find my own feelings bubbling after listening to all six episodes of this powerful series.

The Last Bohemians shares the stories of six incredible women who are being interviewed by intelligent, thoughtful women with each episode produced by a different creative woman. The sense of community within this series was attractive to me – the collaborative nature of how each episode was brought to life encouraged me, as podcasting can often feel isolating and siloed. The concept of talking to “female firebrands and controversial outsiders”, the brain child of Kate Hutchinson and Laura Kelly, seems so simple and yet so innovative.

With 2019 rapidly coming to an end (and with it, an entire decade) it’s hard not to contemplate what the future will bring. If we are going to begin to plan for the next decade of podcasting and audio content, we must look backwards in order to see where we are growing from. The Last Bohemians has come out at the perfect time to remind us of where we have been – as women, as artists, as activists, as humans – but also continues to push the envelope and forces us to confront those areas and topics where we remain uncomfortable and unfamiliar.

As each episode is produced by a different person, they all offer a refreshing auditory sensation, creating sweeping emotions and building effortless visuals for the theater of the mind. In the episode featuring Pauline, the interviewer melts away after her opening question, focusing entirely on the impassioned words of the seasoned performer. In Amanda Feilding’s episode, we are given the gift of the soundscape of her garden, creating a soothing and ethereal mood as we travel through her experiences with psychedelic substances and the unexplored corners of the mind.

A debt of gratitude is owed to Robert for this recommendation, as it has brought me to the precipice of this year. What is next for podcasting? Hopefully, more from The Last Bohemians, and the incredible creators behind the series.


Jordan Rizzieri/The Lady J is a podcast host, writer, wrestling fan, and dog mom based in Washington, D.C. You can listen to her I Never Told You What I Do For A Living podcast, or follow her on Twitter and Instagram.


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1 Comment

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