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REVIEW // The Squiggly Careers Podcast


REVIEW // The Squiggly Careers Podcast

As someone who tumbled sideways into career-focused podcasting last year, I am fascinated by how other people approach the space. And, perhaps more importantly, who those people are and what they are bringing to a chorus of often-times redundant advice. Enter the refreshing voices of Helen Tupper and Sarah Ellis of Amazing If and their podcast, Squiggly Careers.

The fun, upbeat career discussions of Sarah and Helen were something I stumbled upon while scrolling seemingly infinitely through podcasts on my preferred platform, not unlike how I hunt for series and films to watch. Their brightly-colored branding jumped out at me, and I was immediately struck by the title: what is a squiggly career? I know what a squiggle is, a random line, going all over the page in circles, hills and valleys, doubling back on itself, straightening out before possibly curving around again. This actually felt like a great visualization of the modern career: straight upward trajectories, at whatever rate, have become a thing of the past.

The Squiggly Careers podcast is an Amazing If production, the University friends’ company helping people and organizations to develop skills, feel empowered, and “make work better for everyone.” Episodes vary from bite-sized tips for specific problems (Ep. 13, A Fear of Being Too Young) to powerful interviews (Ep. 94, How to Manage Your Future and Your Finances With Heather McGregor). Most importantly, our fun and funny hosts give us the sense of a friend offering advice based on their own experience, coupled with a vital (yet increasingly uncommon) awareness that there is no quick fix, and what worked for them may not be suitable for the listener’s unique situation.

For those looking to dive into the Squiggly Careers back catalogue, I urge you not to be overwhelmed by their extensive back catalogue (135 episodes to date at writing) but instead to search titles for topics that relate directly to your needs. Or, do as I did, and start with the aptly named “New to Squiggly Careers” episode from two years back. Wherever you decide to jump in, Sarah and Helen will welcome you with open arms, and the kind of laughter you only hear shared between two true friends.

Learn more about Helen, Sarah, and Squiggly Careers on the Amazing If website.

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