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Theo Von’s top podcast appearances

Theo Von podcasts


Theo Von’s top podcast appearances

Celebrating podcasters is a common occurrence, but in this modern world being a solid, grade-A guest is something that needs celebrating. Our Podcast Prophet for issue #002 of the magazine was Theo Von!

When it comes to guests on the U.S. podcast scene, comedian Theo Von is hard to compete with – he literally won a “guest of the year” belt, which he carries around on tour with him. His life experiences are truly unique and give him a perspective that is simply incomparable. In the last year or two Theo seems to have gone from “reality star turned stand up” to “every stand-ups favourite stand-up” and his podcast appearances have had a lot to do with that. Having genuinely unique outlooks and takes on things (rather than just telling the same stories every time you show up) is the key to being a consistently great guest. Theo ticks that box as much as anyone else out there.

INSIDE OF YOU w/ Michael Rosenbaum
Dec 2018

This conversation is a prime example of example of what makes Theo such a unique guest. As he proceeds to tell true story after true story from his youth, host Michael Rosenbaum repeatedly thinks Theo is telling a joke or riffing a web of fiction. But, as Theo repeatedly insists, he REALLY isn’t. His upbringing just wasn’t like most. Was it being born to an already OAP father, the result of being breast fed by a small breasted mother or the troubles that come with having an adult penis whilst still a toddler? Well that’s for Theo, and Theo only to theories on. Listen on your podcast app >>

Hot Mashed Potatoes // Oct 2016

Who would’ve predicted that, on a comedy podcast called Race Wars, a mullet wearing, redneck sounding, Louisiana Native… would end up being the conscience of the group? Any podcast with three or more people battling for mic time can get messy, but in this episode Theo sits back and interjects at all the right moment. Rather than fighting for mic time, he revels in the hit ratio of his observations. Listen on your podcast app >>

TIN FOIL HAT w/ Sam Tripoli
#93 // The Night Stalker and Chem Trails // May 2018

There’s something painfully joyous about podcasts with a little tension. The first 20 minutes or so of this chat are seat squirmingly tense as the two guests have some things to settle over comments made on previous podcasts. Thankfully, if you’re on the same side of them, there is nothing that unites quite like a good conspiracy theory. The subject of chem trails quickly wash over any tension and the Night Stalker kills off anything that remains lingering. Listen on your podcast app >>

TFATK Episode 422 // Best of Theo Von // Dec 2018

After being a show stealing guest on the Fighter & The Kid, Theo was asked to step in and co-host with Brendan Schaub when Brian Callen was away shooting a TV show. The success of these guest spots not only won him the coveted “Guest of the Year” belt, but even spawned a spin off podcast (The
King & The Sting) with Brendan! Now THAT is successful guesting. If you’re new to Theo this (along with his Instagram clips) is your perfect starting point. Listen on your podcast app >>

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