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These are the BEST Audible Original podcasts – chosen by listeners (Issue #026)

These are the best Audible Original podcasts according to listener


These are the BEST Audible Original podcasts – chosen by listeners (Issue #026)

Each issue of Pod Bible magazine, our partners Audible bring you a round-up of the best Audible Original Podcasts their members are loving, and press are buzzing about too. Without further ado, here’s The Holy Grail of listener favourites, from Issue #026 of the magazine…

I Am Not Nicholas podcast Audible

I Am Not Nicholas

“I am not Nicholas Rossi!” gasps Arthur Knight through an oxygen mask in March 2022. Recently discharged from a Covid ward in Glasgow, he’s in a wheelchair. The police say he’s Nicholas Rossi, suspected of faking his death and wanted for rape in Utah. The story makes headlines globally. When journalist Jane MacSorley meets Arthur Knight and his wife Miranda, she thinks the police have made a mistake. She embarks on a yearlong investigation, making a unique discovery which changes everything. Listen now >>

“Loved this!”
– Mr Roberts

“A really good podcast I highly recommend.”
-Ms Hilton

The Bias Diagnosis gender injustice in healthcare

The Bias Diagnosis 2

Dr Ronx Ikharia has worked as a frontline A&E doctor for more than a decade. They believe medicine aims to help people – but they ask, does healthcare work equally well for everyone? Statistics show that women and people assigned female at birth spend more of their life in poor health, it takes longer for them to receive diagnoses for a variety of health conditions, they are less likely to be prescribed pain relief, and they are more likely to receive a mental health diagnosis for a physical problem. Listen now >>

“Essential listening!”
– Anon

– Ms Christie

jack whitehall's Safe Space series 2 new series

Jack Whitehall’s Safe Space (Series 2)

Jack Whitehall throws open the doors to his Safe Space once again for the second series. It’s the place where we can all share our most embarrassing stories and try to feel better about ourselves along the way. With a career built on getting into awkward situations, Jack knows more than anyone the power that sharing can have in getting over the moments we most regret. So come in and settle down as Jack asks listeners, his best friend James and big name guests to share their personal humiliations so we can all move on, cringe-free. Listen now >>

“Laugh out loud hilarious!”
– Amazon user

“So funny and reminds me that we all have embarrassing moments”

The Graham Norton Book club series 4 new series

The Graham Norton Book Club (series 4)

Welcome to the fourth series of The Graham Norton Book Club where we’re all about the stories – reading them, listening to them, talking about them. We’ve got some of the biggest names in books including Oscar-nominated Room and The Wonder author Emma Donoghue, Oprah-picked, youngest ever Booker-nominated, Leila Mottley, bestselling thriller writer, David Baldacci, Nobel Prize winner Orhan Pamuk, national treasure Alan Bennett and more. If you like books, you’ll love this. Come and join the Club. Listen now >>

“So happy this is back!”

“Essential listening for book lovers”
Amazon user

Far Cry

Far Cry

A political prisoner throughout his childhood, Antón Castillo (Glancario Esposito) dreams of becoming El Presidente just like his father before he was killed and his family imprisoned during a revolution. A Leukaemia diagnosis might be his undoing, but an experimental drug that can only be grown in Yara, keeps him and his dream alive. But hold on to power and keep up with production demand for his miracle drug, he must go to extreme lengths that shock even his own son, Diego. Journalist and activist Clara Garcia is determined to stop this dictator in the making whatever the cost. Listen now >>

“Perfect prequal!”
Amazon user

“Brilliant! Perfect explanation of the game!”

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