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Top 5 episodes – Simon Mundie – Don’t Tell Me The Score


Top 5 episodes – Simon Mundie – Don’t Tell Me The Score

The wonderful Simon Mundie (Don’t Tell Me The Score, Radio 1 and Radio 4) recently got in touch with us to give us his top five podcasts of the moment. Get a little insight into with whom a sports expert spends his podcast time!

Feel Better, Live More

I’m always looking for little life hacks that make me feel healthier, and this podcast delivers them in spades. From making sure to get a decent dose of sunlight to prioritising connection and eating within a 12 hour window, it offers timeless health wisdom you can incorporate into your everyday life. Rangan is a great guy too; personable and sincere.

Fortunately With Fi and Jane

These two are broadcasting royalty, and as a double act are up there with the two Ronnies. Cheeky, probing and wise, they can run rings round anyone, and often do. I actually got invited on several months ago, and to avoid being made mincemeat of I anxiously resorted to a prop: a homemade bottle of milk kefir. Jane wasn’t a fan.

The Joe Rogan Experience

The podcasters’ podcaster, Rogan is the Godfather of the medium. Joe basically obeys no rules when recording, so I’m not sure how well he’d fit in at the BBC, but it makes for great listening and is hilarious and intelligent in equal measure. The episodes are long and can meander, but anyone who can get Edward Snowdon on is clearly doing something right.

Desert Island Discs

I love listening to people talk about their lives and the lessons they’ve learnt, and Desert island Discs does that with the added bonus of beautiful music to punctuate the chat and ratchet up the emotion. It’s often a tear-jerker, and being invited on is like getting an OBE in my book.

Under The Skin With Russell Brand

I recently watched Russell’s first appearance on the Jonathan Ross show on YouTube and crikey he’s come along way. A man unafraid to show his vulnerability and basically seeking to do good in the world, Russell gets some great guests who tend to have one thing in common: a sense that there is more to life than there may first appear.


Simon Mundie can be found on Twitter @simonmundie

Listen to Don’t Tell Me The Score here

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