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Top 5 Podcasts – Create Podcasts

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Top 5 Podcasts – Create Podcasts

Did you read the latest Pod Bible magazine and notice an interesting podcast being advertised? In a twist on our regular Divine 5 column, we asked one of the advertisers, Create Podcasts, to tell us about five of their podcasts and why they’re worth checking out…

Here at Create Podcasts, we produce around twenty-five different podcast titles, either as our own productions or with podcast and brand partners. From chart topping entertainment podcast Loose Lips to award winning parenting pod Made by Mammas, the team work across a huge variety of genres, which has even included farming, fishing, dogs and reggae!

But we wanted to bring five of the newer podcasts to the focus in this blog. From wellbeing to well-rude, comedy to thought provoking, these are just a snapshot of the wonderful podcasts from the team at Create.

The Moments That Made Me cover artThe Moments That Made Me with Roxie Nafousi

You can learn a lot from someone when you look at what they’ve been through to get to where they are now; it’s those highs and lows, the breaking points and the epiphanies. Roxie Nafousi expertly gets her guests to share all about those moments that made them in one of the most open and raw podcasts, from global names to those you might not have heard of but have the most inspiring stories. LISTEN NOW >>

Baffled podcast artBaffled: Amazing Facts That Are Complete Nonsense

Someone once described Baffled as “come for the facts, stay for the banter”. While that might seem like a cheesy tagline, it does sum up the podcast rather well! Dan, Conor and Mark bring 40 minutes of pure fun while also educating you with 9 of the most random, and frankly nonsense, facts they’ve found. From learning about Ancient Persians holding all their debates twice (once drunk and once sober) through to octopuses punching fish for no reason – this is the place for the random facts you never knew you needed! LISTEN NOW >>

The Rude Retelling of Romero and Juliet podcast artThe Rude Retellings – Read By Brian Harvey

Who’d have thought that Brian Harvey reading old literature would have us rolling on the floor with laughter? First he took on Dickens, then Shakespeare – but in his very own, East End style! These are some of the most classic stories that you’ve never heard read like this. It’s rude, it’s uncensored and it’s unapologetic!

“Romeo had made his move, he took the hand of Juliet and said ‘alright babe, you’re well fit’.” LISTEN NOW >>

Music in My Life with Laura WrightMusic In My Life with Laura Wright

Music plays such a big role in our lives and soprano Laura Wright explores why each week. The episodes mix between guests, revealing the music which has a strong affinity in their life, and episodes exploring sub genres or styles of music and why it has the effect on us that it does. For any big music fans this is a must listen to get an incredible insight on the music which shapes our lives. LISTEN NOW >>

How Are You - Pod Square cover artHow Are You? The Wellbeing Podcast

How Are You? But actually, how are you? Hosted by Connie Simmonds; health and beauty influencer, and healthy living, body confidence and self-love advocate. Connie is passionate about mental health and living happily and healthily, which is what this podcast is all about. In a world where the question ‘How are you?’ is so often dismissed with a quick ‘I’m fine’, Connie hopes to dig deeper each week, finding out how we’re actually doing, good or bad! LISTEN NOW >>

Find out more about Create Podcasts at

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