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Top 5 podcasts to learn about cryptocurrency

Crypto podcasts


Top 5 podcasts to learn about cryptocurrency

Unless you have been hiding under a rock over the past couple years you will have heard of crypto. Essentially they are decentralised currencies meaning records of transactions are not kept by governing bodies. It is protected by cryptography and therefore untraceable. From teenage millionaires to market crashes the journey has just begun! Will governments find ways to regulate them or will central banks suffer as a result? Will our entire lives be tipped upside down as we move towards a future more resembling the Oasis from Ready Player One? Here are 5 podcasts we believe will help you grasp crypto and its future applications:


There is no better podcast out there on the topic of decentralised banking. An almost prophetic take on the future of crypto and how our world may look in the years to come as a result. These guys know what they are talking about and have the guests to back it up! Tune in and then try your best to tune out… Listen now >>


If there has ever been an authority on crypto news and analysis it would be Laura Shin. Former senior editor of Forbes turned full time crypto media guru, she knows and talks about everything crypto. Her episodes are 1 hour long released every week guest featuring big players in the crypto space and they talk about investments, personal experiences, taxes and much more. Laura knows so much about the topic she has started a second crypto podcast called Unconfirmed and its worth a look too. Shorter episodes to keep you up to date with everything crypto happening right now. Listen now on Acast >> 

Decrypt Daily

If you are new to the crypto space then you have no where else to be other than listening to this podcast. With so much information and miscommunications, Decrypt daily deciphers and simplifies everything into bitesize and understandable quantities. Its host, Mathew Aaron releases 20-30 minute concise and informative episodes every day with no compromise on quality. Listen now >>

The Pomp Podcast

A crypto podcast list without mentioning this one is like leaving Lionel Messi off your ‘Best Football Players of all Time’ list. Anthony Pompliano ‘the crypto sage’ is an investor in the tech sector and entrepreneur. If you are interested in more than just bitcoin, cryptos further applications to daily life is heavily explored on this podcast. With a wide range of high ranking guests and plenty of well thought out content per 1hr episode, open up your podcast app and select a podcast. Listen now >>

Bitcoin Knowledge

This is where it all started. Trace Mayer an extremely early investor at just $0.25 focuses primarily on bitcoin and his knowledge is unparalleled. A true master of his craft, he helps listeners to understand the technology behind the currency as well as more complicated topics like how it is mined using very powerful computers! If you are looking to have a short foray into the world of bitcoin, Trace is your guy! Listen now >>

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