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Top Guest Appearances: Louis Theroux

Louis Theroux Podcast Prophet


Top Guest Appearances: Louis Theroux

Celebrating podcasters is a common occurrence, but in this modern world being a solid, grade-A guest is something that needs celebrating. Our Podcast Prophet article from issue #006 celebrated Louis Theroux’s podcast guest appearances. Even though he’s shifted to hosting, and has recently announced a new podcast with Spotify, these episodes prove that Louis has always been as good at being interviewed as he is at interviewing…

As someone who has been producing documentaries for over 20 years, Louis Theroux has a signature style that is often lauded. Preferring to sit back and let the action unfold, Louis attempts to be as impartial as possible while often coming across as falsely naïve. It’s an approach that aims to put the focus solely on his subjects and one that has clearly worked for him given the longevity of his career.

Lucky for us then that when it comes to guesting on a podcast Louis is far more outgoing and open to turning the spotlight onto himself and his fascinating life. Here are five of our favourite podcast episodes featuring the man himself…

EP.29 // Louis Theroux // Sep 2016

This may be our most recommended episode of any podcast in Pod Bible but you’re damn right we’re going to start by recommending it again. In this piece of podcast gold Louis and Adam get a little squiffy on energy drinks and the results are a thing of beauty. Their duet towards the end is arguably one of the greatest moments in podcasting. Listen on your podcast app >>

Louis Theroux // May 2019

In stark contrast to the silliness of his many visits to The Adam Buxton Podcast, Louis is far more reflective as he is lead beautifully through the Desert Island Discs soundtrack to his life by Lauren Laverne. The episode is topped off by a wonderful clip of Louis’ Dad, writer Paul Theroux, guesting on Desert Island Discs back in 1976. Listen on your podcast app >>

#289 // Louis Theroux // Sep 2019

A wonderful conversation with Scroobius Pip that acts as the perfect companion to the episodes recommended above. Not only do they touch on Louis’s appearances on Joe Rogan and Adam Buxton’s podcasts they also discuss his curiosity before judgement approach to documentary making, the infamous Jimmy Saville doc and so much more. Listen on your podcast app >>

Series 2 – Episode 6 // Louis Theroux // Sep 2019

If you’ve heard snippets of Louis mentioning his early love of hip hop its fairly easy to predict, from age alone, his love for a Tribe Called Quest & Big Daddy Kane. Well… what wasn’t so easy to call was his love of Post Malone & Takeshi 69 or his tales of getting Fat Joe to do a freestyle about gun safety and hanging with Lil Wayne at a Cash Money video shoot. Listen on your podcast app >>

#463 // Louis Theroux // Mar 2014

Way back in 2014 Louis ventured on to a burgeoning podcast called The Joe Rogan Experience. Back before it became one of the biggest shows in the world. Lous wasn’t quite sure what to expect. As the conversation unfolds however, Joes enthusiasm for open discussion sees Louis grow more relaxed and, indeed, prompts multiple visits in the years to come.

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