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Top Podcast Guest Appearances – Diane Morgan

Diane Morgan podcast guest


Top Podcast Guest Appearances – Diane Morgan

Celebrating podcasters is a common occurrence, but in this modern world being a solid, grade-A guest is something that needs celebrating. Our Podcast Prophet for Issue #016 is Diane Morgan!

Diane Morgan may be best known as the queen of deadpan Philomena Cunk or for her roles as Liz in Motherland and Cath in Afterlife, but it’s easy to forget how entertaining and interesting a person she is in her own right. Luckily for us, podcasts provide the perfect platform for personalities to shine through. Here’s a selection of our favourite podcast episodes featuring Diane…

#ThatlsALie // Feb 2015

There’s been a lot of podcasts inspired by TV shows… but this was one of the first TV shows that felt like it was inspired by podcasts. So naturally, it was also released as a podcast (once upon a time). Four guests join Alan Davies for a round table chat where they take it in turns to share anecdotes. Diane’s choice to discuss the noticeable drop in flashers from when she was young to now is as you’d expect, hilarious. Listen now >>

Episode 29 /| Diane Morgan // Dec 2017

Brian Gittins and Friends remains a hidden jewel in the archives of podcasts now longer with us, and Diane is the perfect guest for it. Each week Brian Gittins & David Edwards invite a guest on an imaginary adventure (in this. instance a zombie apocalypse)… along with their robot friend Charles. Diane’s willingness to improvise whilst maintaining her deadpan lack of enthusiasm is the perfect recipe. Listen now >>

Episode 46 // Diane Morgan // Aug 2019

Walking The Dog is exactly what it sounds like (unless you’re a yo-yo fan). Each week Emily Dean takes a guest & a dog for a walk. As someone who’s always wanted a dog Diane is audibly delighted to be walking two (celebrity) pugs. As with a lot of the best podcasts, the format is the perfect relaxant for the conversation to flow deeper than a regular interview. Listen now >>

Diane Morgan on Air Chief Marshal Hugh Dowding // Dec 2020

Great Lives is a biographical series in which guests discuss an inspirational figure from history. This episode sees Diane step away from the comical approach heard in the episodes above to celebrate a man she learnt about in a book she read during the first lockdown. Diane’s respect is clear as she discusses the Dowding legacy with his own stepson as well as historian Victoria Taylor. Fascinating! Listen now >>

We hope you enjoy these Diane Morgan podcasts. Read more Podcast Prophet articles in the Pod Bible magazine, which you can read online or buy in our shop.


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