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Top podcast guest appearances – Lou Sanders

Lou Sanders podcasts


Top podcast guest appearances – Lou Sanders

Celebrating podcasters is a common occurrence, but in this modern world being a solid, grade-A guest is something that needs celebrating. Our Podcast Prophet for issue #004 of the magazine was Lou Sanders.

In recent years Lou Sanders has been all over our TVs stealing the show. Seemingly out of nowhere she’s put in side splitting appearances on Hypothetical, 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown and, of course, Taskmaster. But, to those in the podcast world, it wasn’t out of nowhere as  she has been tearing it up as a guest on a wide range of podcasts for years now!

Lou’s unique takes on subjects have been what made her stand out on TV and they’re exactly what makes her a consistently hilarious and rarely repetitive podcast guest. Here’s some of our favourite episodes…

15: The Mother of All Criminals and Stolen Bermuda Shorts // Nov 2018

DWSC has been one of the blow up successes of recent years, and, as luck would have it, two of Lou’s favourite things are drunk women and solving crime! The perfect guest, right? Not quite. She now sober. But fear not, as that doesn’t hinder her ability to approach the crimes in question from the strangest of angles. It makes no sense that she’s the only sober person. Listen now >>

E4 S2: Sex tech Fails //Sep 2019

Takingyour podcast live can throw up all sorts of issues but going live with a podcast about sexual mishaps and mistakes presents its own set of… unique hurdles. So who better for the London Podcast Festival appearance pf Unexpected Fluids than the often uncomfortably comfortable Sanders! Lou gleefully shares tales of Tinder  terrors, fiancé foibles and so much more… Listen now >>

New Year’s Eve // Dec 2018

The birthday girls bring party after party to the podcast world… but you don’t bring out a party pro like Lou Sanders for just any do. No, no no. You save Lou for THE NEW YEAR’S EVE PARTY! Resolutions, choosing who to kiss at midnight and international New Year’s traditions all combine to make it a party you really don’t want to miss. Listen now >>

Films To Be Buried With

Christmas Special // 2018

After interrupting many episodes while living with host Brett at the Edinburgh Fringe, listeners were eagerly awaiting Lou’s full appearance on the podcast. Sadly, things didn’t go quite to plan. Instead of “First film you saw?” or “scariest/funniest film”… Loud proceeded to change the questions to “First cuddle you saw?” and so on. Ridiculous, but unexpectedly tender and bloody lovely. Listen now >>

110 // Feb 2015

Recorder three years before the episodes above Lou’s chat with Stuart Goldsmith finds her in a much more calm and reflective mood as she discusses her career to date. Although there are sneak peaks of Lou’s performing persona, the majority of the podcast shows a side that we perhaps hadn’t heard before and allows us to learn about her journey as a comedian. Listen now >>

We hope you enjoy these Lou Sanders podcasts. Read more Podcast Prophet articles in the Pod Bible magazine, which you can read online or buy in our shop.

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