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Upfront: Covering an unforgettable summer of women’s football

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Upfront: Covering an unforgettable summer of women’s football

The Women’s Euros are underway, and if you’re searching for a football podcast to keep you up to date with the latest in the women’s game, we’ve got just the one. From Issue #021 of the Pod Bible magazine, the Breaking Bread column from Stak spoke to the definitive women’s football podcast…

Upfront is the latest addition to the Football Ramble’s podcast stable and, since its first episode in November, the show has grown to become the definitive podcast on women’s football. Each week, presenters Flo Lloyd-Hughes, Rachel O’Sullivan and Chloe Morgan tackle more than just the results on the pitch. They dissect the most urgent issues surrounding gender inequality in football and take listeners to the very heart of women’s football’s vibrant, underrepresented culture.

“I think listeners have really enjoyed our fresh, light-hearted approach to things but also our opinionated chat,” Flo says. “I don’t think we’ve held back and although people may not agree with us all the time, it’s certainly got people talking about the women’s game.”

“I’ve absolutely loved it, working with Flo and Chloe has been so much fun,” Rachel adds. “I look forward to coming in and recording with them every week. We discuss the important things in the game but have fun while doing it!”

This summer will be a huge moment for women’s football, as England hosts the European Championships for the first time since 2005. More than 100 days out from kick-off, ticket sales had already smashed the previous record set by the last tournament in the Netherlands and, within a day of tickets for the final going on sale, Wembley Stadium had sold out. And England will be there, chasing their first ever major trophy.

Whether from the studio or on the road at different venues across the country, Upfront will bring you three shows a week throughout the tournament that cover the game’s biggest stories and bring this festival of football straight to your podcast app.

“We’re going to be doing regular shows throughout the tournament, keeping everyone up to date and doing it all in our usual Upfront style,” Flo explains. “But as some of us will be on the road covering the tournament there will be some unique new bits to the show.”

As part of the build-up, there will be interviews with some of the biggest names in the sport and a special Upfront Guide to the Euros, arming you with everything you need to know ahead of the curtain-raiser. The show will also be shining a light on the grassroots: the community clubs, the projects that will be providing a safe space for women and nonbinary people to play football during a truly unforgettable summer.

“I’ve really enjoyed the opportunities we’ve had to speak to other journalists, players, or managers throughout this season,” says Rachel. “It gives us different takes on a lot of different subjects and I’m looking forward to doing more of that during the Euros!”

And after the Euros? It doesn’t stop. The World Cup qualifiers continue in September before the main event in Australia and New Zealand next summer.

“Tournament football is special and particularly in England, nothing beats when the nation gets behind the team,” says Flo. “I can’t wait for that excitement and hype to build around the tournament.” Rachel shakes her head and says simply: “It’s going to be a huge, huge moment for the women’s game.” Don’t miss a second of it!

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