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Upfront: The new definitive voice on women’s football

Upfront women's football podcast


Upfront: The new definitive voice on women’s football

From Issue #018 of the Pod Bible magazine, the regular column from Stak looked at the latest addition to the Football Ramble Presents feed. This is Breaking Bread.

The Football Ramble’s sister feed, Football Ramble Presents is part of Stak’s continued commitment to original and intelligent content. Football Ramble Presents delivers unrivalled insight and captivating stories that stretch far beyond the ninety minutes on the pitch. It takes a considered look at all aspects of the beautiful game, bringing together some established Ramble favourites and new programmes that unearth football’s greatest tales, past and present.

Upfront is Stak’s latest addition to the Football Ramble Presents feed, joining the likes of The Book Club, On The Continent and At The Match. Presented by esteemed journalist Flo Lloyd-Hughes, Rachel O’Sullivan from the renowned Girls On The Ball and current professional player Chloe Morgan, Upfront is a new weekly women’s football podcast dedicated to covering the entirety of the women’s game – from Sam Kerr and the WSL at the elite level, to your local community kickabouts at the grassroots.

copyright Girls on the Ball

What are you most looking forward to doing with the podcast?

Flo: Talking! There’s a freedom to podcasting that you don’t get through any other medium. I think women’s football is going through a real culture shift in how journalists and fans talk about the game and this podcast is a great example.

Rachel: I’m really looking forward to carving our own space in the women’s football media world. I think the team on the mic and behind the mic have some really good ideas on how to shine even more of a light on the game. I’m looking forward to getting a few episodes under our belt and getting some big talents involved.

Chloe: I’m really looking forward to discussing the breaking news from the women’s football world, the lead up to the Euro’s next year and getting the chance to take some of our stories outside the recording booth. That means going out and chatting to people from around the game and hearing from some amazing people!

F: We’re always going to be honest and that’s vital because too often women’s football is treated like charity, but it’s a sport, it’s entertainment – and we should approach it like that.

For every in-depth studio discussion about the latest round of WSL fixtures, Upfront talks about the culture and the community driving the game forward.

How do you think the coverage of women’s football is going to continue to evolve?

F: It’s going to evolve massively and podcasts like this are only the beginning. The coverage has already changed so much with Sky Sports’ new broadcast deal. The analysis has already gone up a notch so it will only get better.

R: I think it will look to match the growth of the game on the pitch and look to expand into more areas than just traditional coverage. I think digital media has lots of room to expand in the game and think it’s really important to help with the growth of both domestic and international women’s football. There are lots of great stories out there both players and behind the scenes showcasing the huge amount of hard work that goes into elevating an under-represented sport. I hope they will get to be told.

C: I think it’s only going one way – up. With the new TV broadcast deals and the coverage provided by podcasts like Upfront, the exposure of the women’s game is growing fast. It’s amazing that you can turn on your TV, open your newspaper or scroll through your phone and find games, commentary, match analysis, and coverage of the big issues within the women’s game. That just wasn’t the case growing up, so I’m proud to be a part of that with the Upfront team.

With over 20 years of combined experience in the elite women’s game, from playing in the WSL to covering hundreds of matches as journalists, Upfront will balance hard-hitting football journalism with the fun and lightheartedness synonymous with the Football Ramble’s podcast stable. This combination will make Upfront the definitive voice in women’s football podcasting and one that genuinely resonates with the fans – equal parts informed and irreverent.

Upfront releases new episode every Tuesday on the Football Ramble Presents feed. Find us via Acast, Spotify, or wherever else you get your pods!

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