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Video Game Chronicles – A new player has entered the game!


Video Game Chronicles – A new player has entered the game!

From Issue #025 of the Pod Bible magazine, the Breaking Bread column from Stak spoke to the creators of Video Game Chronicles, a new weekly podcast for video game fanatics… 

Video Game Chronicles, or VGC, is the go-to destination for all the latest and greatest in the gaming world. Founded by gaming journalists Jordan Middley (former BBC ‘King of Gaming’), and Andy Robinson (Ex-Playtonic writer), VGC has quickly become one of the most influential gaming media platforms in the world. Now, in partnership with Stak, the podcast production company behind some of the world’s biggest podcasts (Football Ramble, Abroad in Japan, Eureka!), VGC are firing up the podcasting mic and bringing their expertise into the audio space with the launch of their new podcast – VGC – The Video Game Podcast. Every week there will be a new expert joining the hosts to give reliable video game news but with a unique perspective into the gaming world. And it’s now reaching an even broader scope of video game fanatics!

From exclusive pre-launch access to massive gaming scoops, VGC is set to be a daily destination for gaming enthusiasts; now easier than ever to hear trusted news on the go. We caught up with hosts; Jordan & Andy to see what they are most excited for in their new podcasting venture.

Hi guys! So where did the idea for VGC come from? How did it come about?

VGC was formed by a group of experienced reporters looking to build an expert source and trusted voice for video game news. Since it launched in 2019, VGC has become the destination for industry professionals, aspiring creators and the most informed consumers, who want reliable, no-nonsense reporting on the games people care about and the people who make them.

And why enter the world of podcasting?

In a short space of time, Video Games has already established itself as a key publication in the games media, regularly delivering exclusive scoops and no-nonsense reporting to an audience who trust our coverage. Expanding our reporting to the podcast space is well overdue, and we plan to deliver one of the most insightful video game shows on the market, with weekly exclusives and insight direct from the source.

What are you most excited for in the gaming space this year?

2023 is the year of the blockbuster video game as the pandemic hangover finally comes to an end. Headlined by industry leading RPG maker Bethesda’s Starfield and Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, each month is punctuated with multiple big-name titles. That’s not to mention PlayStation’s Spider-Man 2, and the launch of PlayStation VR2.

What can the listeners expect from the VGC Podcast?

VGC – A Video Games Podcast delivers exclusive news, experienced insight, and expert critique on the fast-moving world of video games, plus more than a few entertaining anecdotes on what it’s like to cover this exciting industry.

And lastly, what do you think VGC’s plans are for the future?

The VGC podcast is the start of our expansion beyond the written word. In 2023 we hope our readers will follow us on their favourite podcast app, and across social media, for the most up to-date coverage of the games industry.

VGC - A video game podcast

VGC – A Video Game Podcast is a weekly podcast with new gaming experts on every single episode. So don’t miss out on the gaming show of the year! Subscribe to ‘VGC – A Video Game Podcast’ on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen to your podcasts and catch episodes of VGC, weekly.

Stak produces podcasts that entertain and inform, including some of the UK’s biggest and most popular shows – boasting a combined 4 million monthly listens and over 45 years of podcasting experience. Whether recording remotely or in our broadcast-grade London studio, we specialise in every stage of the podcasting process. To find out more or get in touch, visit out website at!

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