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Watch the ‘Pods Up: Level Up!’ Podcast Masterclass on Demand

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Watch the ‘Pods Up: Level Up!’ Podcast Masterclass on Demand

So you’ve launched a podcast, now what? Watch a podcast masterclass! Pods Up: Level Up! took place on Friday, 20 November and was designed to help grow and evolve your podcast. The folks behind Pods Up North brought together a bunch of top podcasters and audio industry professionals who know a thing or two about making brilliant podcasts. And over two jam-packed hours, attendees got advice and practical tips – from how to build your listener base and grow a dedicated community, to evolving your podcast, your voice and some of the tech out there to help you do it.

Pods Up Level Up Cover photo

Feedback from attendees:

“Thank you for doing this today, cheered me up, genuinely great tips from all your contributors.”

“Good range of guests, none [of the sessions were] too long and LOVED the round table […] shows you how with a LOT of passion and dedication, one can get there eventually!!”

“There was a good amount of variety and the right amount of time was dedicated to each segment.”

If you missed the event, don’t worry. You can buy a ‘watch again’ ticket here – and view at your own leisure!

Pod Bible watched the event live, and we thought it was a great podcasting event and squeezed a lot into the 2 hours. There were 5 sessions, covering both hosting and production skills. The sessions included panels, Q&As and practical podcast tips. Our favourite session was with voiceover artist & voice coach, Nic Redman. Just make sure you’re not in public when you watch that one!

It was great to see a wide range of speakers, and they came from both independent podcasts and big productions.

If you’re a podcaster or interested in podcast production, you should take advantage of the replay service. You can also watch the video as many times as you want. And be sure to check out more podcast industry news in our news section.

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