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White Wine Question Time: Kate Thornton is back!

White Wine Question Time


White Wine Question Time: Kate Thornton is back!

Kate Thornton has returned with a brand new season of  her chart-topping White Wine Question Time, with even more heartwarming and thought-provoking conversations with a variety of celebrity guests. “We’ve been joined by over 300 guests in the five years the pod’s been up and running, and I’ve been kind of spoiled because we’ve had some top drawer legends on the show!” says Kate – and those guests aren’t stopping anytime soon!

Previous guests include Tom Allen, Raye, Hannah Waddingham, Craig Doyle, HRH Princess Eugenie, Jam es Acaster & Ed Gamble and loads more. Kate  consistently brings her warm, thoughtful and deeply researched questions to every guest, from all corners of the entertainment industry, whether that be food, sport, music, or comedy. Every conversation allows listeners to connect with the guest and the intimacies of their story. “The show has given me a chance to share in pivotal moments in a guest’s life, like when we had Hannah Waddingham on just as Ted Lasso was gaining momentum. Hannah had been a friend of mine for some years by then and we recorded her episode at my house over a curry just as the world was waking up to her talents. It was really special to help tell her story over a couple of glasses of wine as she came into full bloom professionally.”

Even the most famous guests bring plenty of stories you’ll have never heard before. “I’ve been lucky enough to carry on working as a journalist and interviewer for 30 years now and the format of the show gives me a chance to really dive into all I’ve learnt across those years. If a guest says “that’s a really hard question” or “I’ve never been asked that before” it feels like a win – it means we’re exploring new territory!”. It’s like settling in for a chat with an old friend – the show is charming, ferociously funny and often deeply heartfelt. “The general rule of thumb we apply is if a guest is booked onto the show then it’s because they’ve done enough extraordinary things in their life to warrant you lending us your ears for an hour. They are all “best in class” from whatever field they’re in, be it acting, singing, food, sport, politics or entertainment” says Kate.

Every Friday, listeners can hear brand new interviews with various well-known names, as well as a deep dive into the show’s cellar every Tuesday, where Kate will take us back down memory lane with some of the most interesting guests from previous episodes. “We have
some gems lined up over the next few months – there’s a real life living legend in the form of the first British astronaut to ever walk in space and a member of probably the most famous family on the planet…but I can’t say any more on that for now!”

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