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Why do mics matter in podcasting?

Wavo Joby podcast microphone


Why do mics matter in podcasting?

JOBY – who were behind the famous GorillaPod – are one of many brands beginning to tailor to a wider range of content creators. They takes us through some of the key things to be aware of when looking for a podcast mic… 

The popularity of podcasting has skyrocketed in recent years. Whether it’s true crime or just a good old natter, more and more people are taking to the airwaves to express themselves, tell a story and discuss the important issues facing society today.

Thankfully, it’s easier than ever to start your own podcast, especially with a smart computer literally fitting in the palm of your hands… But how hard is it to actually create a professional-sounding podcast?

Why is the answer more complex than you think…

With issues like audio pops, background noise and low-level humming plaguing many, the answer to ‘great audio’ is a difficult one to crack. This is because it largely depends on a whole range of often contradictory and competing factors, including: your budget, the acoustics of the room in which you record, your knowledge of recording techniques and post production, the limitations of your equipment and so on.

Walking a tricky tightrope, content creators often feel bamboozled as debates around dynamic vs condenser mics, XLR vs USB outputs and what brand beats another begin to fog up their choices. With no clear answer, that initial enthusiasm to start a podcast can fade, only to be replaced by an alienating mix of doubt, fear and imposter-syndrome – but please, don’t despair…

How can I improve my audio immediately?

There are many ways that you can improve your audio quickly and effectively. There’s noise cancelling foam panels, free editing software and a whole host of easy tips and tricks out there. However, most importantly of all, there are a range of affordable and effective microphones on the market – the most sure-fire way to bump up your audio fidelity.

Arguably the most important element in any recording set up, your microphone dictates the limits of the audio quality you can achieve, and represents something that no budding podcast host should take lightly.

If you’re using an unsuitable microphone, an in-built phone mic for example or your favourite pair of earbuds, your audio will always be missing that certain Je ne sais quoi. Whether it’s muddy clarity, a lack of depth or a sea of nasty and unwanted noise artefacts, you’ll be forever discontent with the sound of your flashy new show. We can’t stress this enough: the better the microphone, the better the sound. Simple.

What microphone should I choose?

Recognising that more and more content creators are turning to podcasting, audio-technology brands are beginning to produce microphones designed to help new users master the art of audio.

With simple, easy-to-use equipment available at entry-level prices many are beginning to feel the benefits of achievable, professional-grade recording quality. Brands like JOBY for example – who were behind the famous GorillaPod – are one of many beginning to tailor to a wider range of content creators.

Recently, the brand released their new WAVO line of audio accessories, designed to cater to audio streamers, podcasters and video creators alike. Including a whole host of market-leading products, the line is designed to help achieve premium audio quality with ease. And, one product in particular, the WAVO POD, is perfect for podcasters looking to find the most suitable microphone for their setup.


A large-diaphragm USB condenser mic, the JOBY Wavo POD features the versatility of both cardioid and omnidirectional pickup patterns and features impressive 24bit/48kHz high-res sampling rates. With an eye-catching black and red design to boot, and a handy pop filter included, the WAVO POD comes with a zero-latency headphone monitoring jack and USB Type-C connection for simple plug-in and play operation.

Easily customizable and versatile thanks to its unique mounting system, the Wavo POD stand can be detached to fit a tripod or GorillaPod for better stability. The microphone body is compatible with both ⅜” and ⅝” threads, using the included adapter, enabling you to connect it to a boom arm as needed. The rig can also be further tailored to suit your setup thanks to the ¼” side mounts – the perfect match for the JOBY range of accessories such as the GorillaPod arms.

The multifunction knob uses an intuitive system of colours for perfect control of all audio levels so you are in control of your sound at all times, and priced at £89.95, this is a great all-round mic for people looking for an effective but affordable option.

What’s the JOBY Wavo range?

The Wavo POD is just one of a new audio range from JOBY – the renowned content creator accessory brand – that will take all your mobile and camera creations to the next level. Carrying on in the brand’s reputation for easy-to-use and high quality products, the wavo range is expertly engineered to help you achieve superb audio – whatever or wherever you record.

Alongside the POD, the Wavo range includes the Wavo PRO and PRO DS on-camera microphones, the Wavo Air – a wireless lav kit – and the Wavo Lav PRO. The range perfectly complements JOBY’s iconic GorillaPod, and includes everything you need to produce professional-grade recordings.

The Wavo POD

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