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Winners of the Independent Podcast Awards 2023

Winners of the independent podcast awards


Winners of the Independent Podcast Awards 2023

Monday 30th October saw the Independent Podcast Awards 2023 take place at Kings Place in London. Rosie Wilby was there as a nominee, and tells us about the evening and the winners on the night…

“An incredible testament to the power of podcasts; the power of persistence; and the power, creativity and passion of the independent podcast community in the U.K. and Ireland today.” This was a statement about the overall Podcast of the Year winner at last night’s inaugural Independent Podcast Awards – Genevieve Hassan’s excellent Celebrity Catch Up: Life After That Thing I Did. Yet it could so easily apply to the celebratory event itself, which took place in a lively Hall One at Kings Place. Independent podcaster Em McGowan dreamed up the awards in response to a conversation that left her wondering where the energy and drive of grassroots audio creators could still be rewarded, recognised and celebrated in an increasingly corporate marketplace.

The tone of the ceremony, expertly set by host Esther Manito, struck a great balance between friendly community hug and slick celebration.

There were a lot of awards to get through. And these events can sometimes drag. Yet having just one winner in each category, and winner interviews taking place backstage, allowed things to keep moving and feel fresh and fun. Here’s our roundup of the winners:

Arts & Culture – Folk on Foot

An established podcast already, Folk on Foot sees broadcaster Matthew Banister walking with top folk musicians through the landscapes that have inspired them. The meticulous production values and intimate, immersive feel impressed the judges. Listen here >>

Podcast Artwork – Clown Sex

One of the biggest laughs of the night was the reveal of this eye catching artwork. This fiction podcast, a multiple nominee, felt like a bit of a theme of the night. Listen here >>

Books – The Bestseller Experiment

Author / screenwriter Mark Stay and coach / entrepreneur Mark Desvaux discover the secrets to writing a bestseller and attempt to put them into practice. Each week, they are guided by chart-topping authors and industry experts. The judges praised them for serving their community so well. Listen here >>

Business – Bring Your Product Idea to Life

Host Vicki Weinberg, who launched a brand of baby products, provides rich, accessible content packed with useful advice from knowledgeable guests. Listen here >>

Children & Young Adults – Bust or Trust: A Kids’ Mystery Podcast

Engaging hosts Athena Kugblena and Tiernan Douieb introduce children to the histories and cultures of different countries around the world in a fun and accessible way. The judges found the show to be well pitched for all of the family. Listen here >>

Comedy – Jackie The Ripper

One of the longest and most competitive shortlists of the night (which, ahem, included my own podcast) was topped by this pacy and dramatic show, a sex-swapped reimagining of the infamous 19th century London murders. The judges praised the acting, writing, action sequences and sound design. Listen here >>

Fiction – Eliza: A Robot Story

Tanya Reynolds (Sex Education) stars in a dark sci-fi fairytale about a robot who can feel and fall in love. The judges enjoyed the character development, writing, direction, sound design and performances. Listen here >>

Film & TV – Celebrity Catch Up: Life After That Thing I Did

Ultimately the biggest winner of the night was Genevieve Hassan’s unashamedly nostalgic and well-researched interview podcast. Who isn’t fascinated by what the likes of Dexter Fletcher, Chesney Hawkes, Tiffany and Carol Decker are up to now… and how they reminisce about their time in the spotlight? The judges thought this show was an ‘incredible achievement for a solo host and producer’. Listen here >>

Gaming – The Apocalypse Players

Another double winner, and a contender for most dramatic dash to the stage. This immersive, humorous show was praised for sound design, acting, atmospheric music and passion for the story. Listen here >>

Health & Wellness – The Wellbeing Rebellion

Hosted by corporate wellbeing consultant Ngozi Weller and psychologist Obehi Alofoje, this show is aimed at business leaders who want to make a difference for their employees and is packed with tips around burnout, mental health, inclusion and resilience. The judges describe it as an ‘essential listen’. Listen here >>

History – Beneath the Skin

Professor and museum curator Dr Matt Lodder and tattoo collector Thomas O’Mahoney explore the interconnected history of the weirdest corners of the world through the story of tattooing. This unusual perspective made it a ‘perfect example of what a podcast can be’ in the eyes of the judges. Listen here >>

Horror & Supernatural – The Apocalypse Players

As above!

Music – Sodajerker on Songwriting

Hosted by U.K. songwriting team Simon and Brian (aka Sodajerker) this show focuses on the craft of songwriting and features some of the world’s most successful musicians. They have been running for 12 years and have an archive of over 250 episodes. Listen here >>

Podcast Jingle – Brkin Bread

A fun category. We got to hear all the jingles. You still can if you head to the Independent Podcast Awards website. Listen here >>

News & Politics – Wood for the Trees

Cait Macleod asks the messy questions and explores the opposing opinions on the contemporary issues that divide us. The judges described the show as ‘elegant and well-researched.’ Listen here >>

Self-Improvement – Teenagers Untangled

Rachel Richards and Susie Asli dish out realistic advice to improve your communication with your teens and tweens. The judges enjoyed the mix of personal stories and professional insight. Listen here >>

Sexuality & Relationships – Queer Roots & Routes

Made by a queer collective who are migrants or descended from migrants, this show has a specific USP and a focus on storytelling, community and excellent sound design. Another show hailed as a ‘perfect example of what a podcast can be’. Listen here >>

Sport – Spindrift

Aoife Glass explores bikes, cycling, people, especially women, and adventure. Stacked with interviews, assured and knowledgeable, a recommended listen targeting a niche that needs more representation. Listen here >>

Technology – The Future of You

Futurist Tracey Follows investigates all the ways that emerging technologies are going to affect our identity. This one was described as a ‘calm, thoughtful and intelligent exploration of media and technology’. Listen here >>

True Crime – Drunk Women Solving Crime

A comedy classic from hosts Hannah George, Catie Wilkins and Taylor Glenn. I have guested on this show and can attest to the welcoming, hilarious yet somehow still cleverly structured web they weave as they enlisted my help in tackling a true case. In keeping with the show, producer Amanda Redman collected the award in a camp, slapstick sprint from the balcony. Listen here >>

Podcast of the Year – Celebrity Catch Up: Life After That Thing I Did

For more information and to see the full list of nominees go to:

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