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Yoto Daily brings facts, games and jokes to your family routine!


Yoto Daily brings facts, games and jokes to your family routine!

The daily podcast by award-winning audio company, Yoto, is hosted by a former primary teacher and captivates young listeners around the world…

Yoto Daily is a kids’ podcast that delivers a morsel of audio goodness every single day. It’s hosted by Jake Harris, a father and former primary school teacher whose sing-song voice reveals mind-boggling facts, cracks rib-tickling jokes and leads kids through games, drawalongs and other activities.

Now well beyond its 1,000th episode, Yoto Daily has until recently been available exclusively on Yoto – a screen-free audio platform that kids control. Yoto’s award-winning audio players, Yoto Player and Yoto Mini, let kids explore stories, music, educational activities and even meditation using physical cards. Kids around the world have enjoyed Yoto Daily by pressing a button on the audio players, which are also packed with free radio stations, audiobooks and sleep sounds like white noise. And as the podcast’s listenership has grown, Yoto has made it available more widely.

Each Yoto Daily episode is different, but they follow a familiar routine. On Mondays, they kickstart the week with Word of the Day—unpicking a little avenue of language with interactive activities. On Wednesdays, kids travel the world—exploring countries suggested by listeners through Five Fabulous Facts. At the end of the week, Jake hosts Friyay Jokes, showcasing kids around the world telling weird and wonderful jokes (try not to laugh). In-between these regular episodes, there’s a rotating roster of interactive games; Cheese or Chocolate, Alphabetter, Magic Ten, Draw-Along, and good old family quizzes. Each episode also features a handful of birthday shout-outs to kids around the world.

For the moment, Yoto Daily only publishes its Saturday and Sunday episodes to all major streaming platforms. But you can listen to the entire archive of episodes in the Yoto App, which is free to download for iOS and Android. There are other audio titles for kids aged 0-12+ in the app too, so it’s definitely worth exploring if you’re looking for ways to entertain your kids. Yoto Daily’s bite-sized episodes are perfect for families who want to kick-start their mornings with positivity and wonder, and for parents looking for a wholesome way to keep kids engaged. Discover the podcast wherever you listen – you can thank us later!

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Listen to Yoto Daily on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and other popular podcast apps. Find out more about Yoto at

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