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11 great outdoors podcasts to inspire you this summer: UK Edition

Great Outdoors podcasts UK


11 great outdoors podcasts to inspire you this summer: UK Edition

Our Digital Editor brings you a list of the best outdoors podcasts from the UK to inspire you to brave the elements this summer…   

As I write this, there is rain lashing at my windows and thunder rumbling in the distance, which can only mean one thing: English summertime has well and truly begun! But even with the bad weather, the COVID-19 travel restrictions and advice to meet outdoors has caused an increase in outdoors recreation over the past year.

If you’re planning to get outdoors more again this summer, I’ve pulled together a short list of the best outdoors podcasts from the UK for some inspiration and encouragement. From open air interviews, to deep dispatches and news commentary, these podcast will inspire you to brave the elements and get outside. (And if your holiday becomes a test of endurance, listening to these podcast might at least distract you from the hardship…)

Folk on FootFolk On Foot

An award-winning podcast, Folk on Foot sees Matthew Bannister talking to folk musicians at they show him the landscapes that inspire them. Guests have included legends like Richard Thompson and Peggy Seeger, who all play exclusive mini-concerts out on the walks. Despite the outward focus, the podcast adapted incredibly well to staying indoors last year, and the Folk On Foot: Front Room Festivals were nominated for ‘Best Lockdown Podcast’ in the British Podcast Awards. Listen now on Acast >>

Tough Girl Podcast

The Tough Girl Podcast

In The Tough Girl Podcast, Sarah Williams speaks to incredible women to motivate and inspire her listeners, and increase the representation of women in sports media. With nearly 400 episodes to chose from, you can now find representation from all kinds of sports, countries, backgrounds and abilities. If you’re unsure where to start, why not check out my episode about walking the Camino de Santiago… Listen now on Acast >>

Get Birding Get Birding

From the extremely tough to the extremely accessible, Get Birding is hosted by an 18-year old ornithologist and conservationist Dr (yes, Doctor!) Mya-Rose Craig aka Birdgirl. Each episode, Mya-Rose is joined by a celebrity bird-watcher to talk about their joint passion, and how listeners can get started as a ‘birder’, which can be as simple as sitting at your window. Listen now on Acast >>


A legend amongst walking podcasts, Ramblings’ true home is on Radio 4, where it began back in 1999! After 22 years, Clare Balding is still hosting new episodes, speaking to people from all walks of life as they take her along a path that’s important to them. The guests are so numerous now I wouldn’t dare single anyone out, but they have included writers, artists, athletes, actors and people who make a living from walking. Keen-eyed fans will have noticed the cover art recently had a revamp to bring it into podcast style. Listen now on Acast >>

Designing London National Park CityDesigning London National Park City

In 2019, London became the world’s first National Park City. Whilst there are undoubtedly other cities in the world that are more naturally aligned to nature reserves, London’s nature sprawls in defiant green and blue (water) spaces within the urban environment. The cover design (a water bird – coot – on a canal next to a floating water bottle) exemplifies that. More of an art piece than a podcast, this consists of just one hour-long episode that takes you along Regents Canal at the level and pace of a coot. Listen now on Spotify >>

On The Outside

When these podcasts inspire you to get outdoors this summer, you might want to delve deeper into the culture and people you find there. On The Outside is a news-panel podcast that shares the important news, the big events and the social issues that permeate the whole of the outdoors. Each episode, a diverse panel from a range of outdoors sports discuss the news stories that matter to them – all in a jargon and judgement free way! Full transparency time: this is my new podcast, hot off the press – listen to the trailer now and sign up to our newsletter at Listen now on Acast >>

Honourable mentions (I could really go on for days):

The Outdoors Fix – Liv Bolton encourages you to make adventures a bigger part of your life by speaking to people who have found the outdoors to being a soothing part of theirs. Listen now on Acast >>

The Adventure Podcast – An ongoing series where Matt Pycroft has long-form conversations with individuals at the forefront of exploration and adventure. Listen now on Acast >>

Looking Sideways – Matt Barr finds the best stories in skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, and other related endeavours. The Type Two miniseries that explores the intersection between the outdoors and activism are my favourite episodes. Listen now on Acast >>

The First Mile – Long form interviews and on-location dispatches about the untold stories from the world of adventure. Read our interview with hosts Pip Stewart and Ash Bhardwaj to learn about why they made the show.  Listen now on Acast >>

Wild For Scotland – A unique podcast I was lucky enough to do some work on, award-winning Scotland travel blogger Kathi Kamleitner brings you immersive monologues from her trips across Scotland. ‘The Cure’ in particular is very relatable! Listen now on Acast >> 

Did I miss your favourite podcast? Let us know on Twitter or email us

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