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18 new podcasts to listen to in June 2021

New podcasts for June


18 new podcasts to listen to in June 2021

Pod Bible aims to be the essential guide to podcasts. To keep your download list full of brilliant podcasts, and help you find the next podcast sensation, we’re bringing you the latest podcast releases in our New This Month feature.

This month has seen a stream of new podcasts in time for Summer, and this is our longest list so far. But these are some really stand-out pods worthy of listening to. Here is our round-up of the best new podcasts to listen to this June…

New Podcast Shows

Human Resources

Human Resources podcastWith so many new podcasts launching it is easy to get overwhelmed with choice, but this is a podcast you MUST listen to. The newest podcast from Broccoli Productions explores the British involvement in the transatlantic slave trade, and explores how the trade has influenced every part of modern Britain – from the footballers you support to the chocolate you eat. Now three episodes in, each one has blown my mind. Read our interview with the host, Moya Lothian-McLean, to find out how the podcast was made. Listen now on Spotify >>

The System

The System

The System is a dark and unsettling thriller from Radio 4. A group of young radicals are hunting for their leader, Jake, who disappeared after signing up to a personal training programme to “turn the meekest man-boy into an alpha male”. Two years later, his sister Maya sets out to uncover the truth. With a cast including BAFTA nominee Siena Kelly (Adult Material), Jack Rowan (Noughts + Crosses) and Iain de Caestecker (Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), this adventure story tackles the darker fringes of masculinity. The System is the first show as part of Limelight, a new strand of audio drama from Radio 4 aiming to push ambitions for audio drama, and grow new talents.  Listen on BBC Sounds now >>

The RetroSpectors

The RetroSpectorsAnyone who has every been involved in a podcast will know how much work it takes – and will probably baulk at the idea of doing one daily. But that’s exactly what new history podcast The RetroSpectors is doing. Olly Mann, Rebecca Messina and Arion McNicoll talk about the curious moments from ‘this day in history’ each weekday. But it’s not the grandiose topics you might imagine – episodes so far have included “When ‘Twister’ went viral” and “The Accidental Vibrator” and “Super Mario Bros – The First Videogame Movie”. Listen now on Acast >>

Michael Spicer’s It Happened To Me

Micahel Spier's It happened to Me

It Happened To Me tells made-up stories of real-life events, through interviews where every character is played by Michael Spicer (most known for this comedy skits The Room Next Door). It Happened to Me riffs on the first-person stories you find in real-life magazines, with episodes including “I joined a cult and accidentally killed its leader”, “I run a soft play centre for adults only”, “I performed magic to the man who burgled my house”. We spoke to Michael and his partner in crime Matt Tiller about making the podcast.  Listen to the podcast now on Acast >>

The Ballad of Anne & Mary

The Ballad of Anne and MAry

This epic show from Long Cat Media has been a year in the making. Based on the historical (almost legendary) pirates Anne Bonny and Mary Read, the Ballad of Anne and Mary is like a stage-show in audio form. With a massive cast and a big budget (made possible by Arts Council England, the UEA Entrepreneurial fund, and the subscriptions and donations from listeners). The makers of this show have promised “epic, escapist adventure” and it really feels like a joyful swashbuckling musical. (Incidentally, this is the second epic podcast about the female pirates to come out in the last year – if you liked Audible Original’s Hell Cats. check this out).  Listen on Acast now >>



This new podcast from BBC Sounds and 4Extra is all about the cultural and sporting history of trainers (or “kicks, creps, sneakers, whatever you want to call them!”) told through the lives of the people who made them. Presented by Nicholas Smith (author of Kicks: The Great American Story Of Sneakers) and 1Xtra presenter Ace, it goes into how the likes of Puma, Adidas, Vans, Nike, Reebok and battled it out on the world stage to become more than sportswear. With the fictionalised exchanges of key events (for example, when Nike co-founder using a waffle iron to make the soles of their famous shoes…) this is a must listen for those who like Wondery’s Business Wars. Listen now on BBC Sounds >>

Very Necessary from WaterAid

Very Necessary

Very Necessary is the new podcast from charity WaterAid and features well-known guests discussing the everyday object that is most essential to their lives. But the simple concept dives a bit deeper than the regular desert-island format. Presenter Melissa Hemsley also provides quiz-worthy facts about the guests’ items (from headphones to tea) to reveal their astonishing history. The podcast will also talks about the items’ surprising connection to WaterAid’s projects. The initial series will run for five episodes.  Listen now on Acast >>

Finding Natasha

Finding Natasha podcast art

Finding Natasha is the newest podcast from Message Heard. Arguably, every family’s myths are worthy of a podcast. But when you throw in Soviet Russia, the world-renowned Mariinsky Ballet school and a daring escape from a locked hospital, you have the makings of great investigative podcast. Read our full review of this 5-part series or listen now >>

Other new podcasts for your list:

  • Rewirement – Angellica Bell is doing the podcast rounds, with the second new podcast featuring her in as many months! hare tips, inspiration and stories from amazing people living colourful retirements, brought to you by Legal & General. Guests talk about topics such as planning for travel, keeping a healthy body and mind, changing career later in life and retiring as an LGBTQ person. Listen now >> 
  • ChillDaBeats – ChillDaBeats is the new show from BBC Radio 1 presenter Phil Taggart. Part radio show, part podcast, Phil brings you a soft focus selection of alternative chill sounds along with the big guests. It’s a vital space for alternative chill, offering support, escape, mindfulness, meditation and community. Listen now >>
  • The Lazarus Heist – It hardly feels like we need to mention this podcast considering how well it is doing in the charts! But just in case you haven’t heard about the latest BBC Worldwide Service podcast: The Lazarus heist was described as the “Almost a perfect crime.” It involves a hacking ring, an attempt to steal a billion dollars, North Korea, and it’s all connected to Hollywood… Listen now on Spotify >>
  • Alan Cumming’s Shelves – Alan’s been co-hosting Homo Sapiens since May last year, but it seems he’s got the taste for podcasting. In his new podcast, Alan chooses one item from the shelves in his house and tells the story behind it. Read our Q&A with Alan to find out more about the show. Listen on Acast now >>
  • Absolutely Mental – A somewhat controversial figure at times, there is still no doubt that Ricky Gervais is firmly engrained in podcast culture. He now has a new podcast where he phones a smart friend (the neuroscientist and philosopher Sam Harris) to ask questions – both big and small.  Listen on Acast now >>
  • The Friendship Onion – a Lord of the Rings podcast/celebrity podcast with two of the actual hobbits. Billy Boyd and Dom Monaghan catch up on microphone, share some secrets of their friendship, the secrets of the Lord of the Rings films and quiz super-fans on the series. I’ve written about why I’m quite excited about this one (and you can get Monaghan’s podcast suggestions) or  Listen now on Acast >>
  • The Players Lounge – A great podcast for cricket fans. Join (Indian sports journalist) Mayanti Langer Binny and (former England cricketer) Graeme Swann in The Players Lounge for hidden access to some of cricket’s biggest and best loved characters..  Listen on Acast now >>

New Podcast Seasons

Russell Kane’s Man Baggage

Russel Kane's Man Baggage

Russell Kane’s Man Baggage is a safe space where Russell gets a group of man together to talk about the things that they really should talk about more. I’m going to be honest, I was slightly confused as to whether this was a new season or a new show (is it just me, or are there a lot of re-brands happening?!) But there is a little line in the first episode of the season to say this was “formally Boys Don’t Cry”. This panel-show really talks about if (and why) there are differences between men’s approach to mental health and emotions and women’s approach. New episodes include “Are women more mature than men?” and “Are men better at being rejected than women?”.

Listen on Acast now >>

Passenger List

Passenger List

Passenger List returns! The first series of this fiction podcast investigated the Atlantic Flight 702, which disappeared mid-flight between London and New York. Voice actors included the likes of Kelly Marie Tran (Star Wars), and Rob Benedict (Supernatural).  Slight spoiler for the first season – in the second season, the remains of the flight have been found. But with 256 passengers on board, are they all accounted for? And will family members be allowed closure on the tragedy? The first seasons was a smash hit, and there was speculation about the second season.

Listen on Acast now >>

My Wardrobe Malfunction

My Wardrobe MalfunctionThe seventh season of My Wardrobe Malfunction started in May with a literary hero. Dame Jacqueline Wilson talks about the clothes that mean the most to her – and particularly bangles! If you have read any of Jacqueline Wilson’s 100s of children’s books, you know that clothing and looks can often feature in them. It’s interesting to hear her talk about her own relationship to clothes.  Listen on Acast now>>

If you listen to these podcasts, please tell us what you think! Tag us on social media @PodBible. Read more of our New This Month editorials for the newest podcasts to listen to.

Do you have a show for our new podcast list? Email with the show description, release date and artwork. We will share as many launches as we can.

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