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A Message From Pod Bible


A Message From Pod Bible

We at Pod Bible have spent the last year trying to bring you an array of voices from the world of podcasting. From now on, we are going to stop trying and start doing.” 

The team behind the Pod Bible magazine, podcast, and blog understands that this pledge, which also appears in this week’s newsletter, has to be backed up with actions. Our first action was to take a long, hard look at the content we share and the voices we elevate. We had to review not only the blog posts, magazine articles and podcast episodes that already exist in the world, but also what we have planned going forward. It is essential that we take responsibility and educate ourselves on more diverse podcasts and creators, and reach out to those marginalized communities to spotlight their work. It is not their job to find us.

Over the next several weeks, we will be making adjustments to how we source our content, and how frequently our audiences hear from any one community. We acknowledge that many Black creators are, at this moment, being asked to do a great deal of educating and support for a global community that must learn to educate itself. We have begun to research Black-hosted and produced podcasts, recommended from a wide array of sources. We will be featuring these shows on the blog over the next several weeks and months. All creators from marginalized communities, and especially Black creators right now, deserve to be shown that any venue for their promotion has dedicated itself to diversity and inclusion, and proven to be a safe and respectful space for them, before they are asked to share their work.

In researching future features, we began with the “Antiracism Resources Google Doc”. This document was compiled by Sarah Sophie Flicker & Alyssa Klein and features many types of resources including podcasts. We are also exploring Bustle’s “40 Podcasts About The Black British Experience & Race In The UK”. We invite all of our readers and listeners to share programmes that have helped them to educate themselves and other resources that highlight the experiences of BAME voices in the podcasting world.

We also acknowledge that it would be all too easy to forget all of the BAME creators whose podcasts are not on a list of resources right now. These individuals and teams have been covering science, the arts, history, sport, pop culture, and so much more for years and it is our duty to seek them out and share their work. True equality comes from not only amplifying the voice of the educator and the activist, but normalizing the presence of marginalized voices on everyday topics.

Pod Bible was always meant to be a platform for podcast discovery. There is no greater purpose in this community than to showcase the full spectrum of experiences, the voices of all creators, especially those marginalized people, and the audio-based art they offer to the world.

The Pod Bible team is Stu Whiffen, Adam Richardson, Scroobius Pip, Joe Ducarreaux, and Jordan Rizzieri. Any questions or concerns can be emailed to the team regarding the magazine, podcast, or blog.

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