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Exclusive: The Adam Buxton Podcast to return this month!

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Exclusive: The Adam Buxton Podcast to return this month!

Adam Buxton confirmed The Adam Buxton Podcast will return at the end of January 2021, in his acceptance speech for the Pod Bible Best Interview & Conversation Podcast award.

His name is Adam Buxton, he’s a man… and he wants us to enjoy his podcast as soon as possible! When The Adam Buxton Podcast won Best Interview & Conversation Podcast in the 2020 Pod Bible Poll, we asked Adam to film his acceptance speech for us to share. Instead, Dr Buckles sent us an audio message because “video is yesterday, I don’t know if you realised that, get with it!”. In it, he shared his delight at winning the award, his genuine surprise at doing so for a second year, and his plan to break into Louis Theroux’s house and take selfies on his toilet when he lost.

We also learned that Episode 146 of his podcast will be dropping into your podcast app much quicker than we expected. Adam said:

“The podcast was due to return in April, but due to the ongoing COVID situation, I’m going to try and start putting out new episodes earlier than that. So I’m doing my bit to keep you distracted. No, that’s fine, you’re welcome! I’m going to start putting them out towards the end of this month, January 2021. Until then, take care, I love you, BYYYYYYYE– (now I’m just shouting in my house and my sons are looking at me…)”.

Head over to our Instagram to listen to the whole of Adam’s acceptance speech.

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