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Ghoul Guide: Spooky that isn’t too serious

Ghoul Guide on Pod Bible


Ghoul Guide: Spooky that isn’t too serious

Happy Halloween! If you’re still seeking some truly frightening shows to spook you tonight, don’t forget to check out our pick of spooky podcasts for your Halloween listening. But if you’re after some Halloween listening that doesn’t take itself too seriously, there’s a new show out today that might hit the spot. Ghoul Guide is a hilarious exploration of the supernatural with an unlikely ghost hunter. Comedian Rachel Fairburn has read the stories, seen the horror movies, and been ignored by the iconic ghost hunters.

In Ghoul Guide, Rachel is visiting different areas of the UK and asking three people to tell her the spookiest stories connected to a location, before spending the night in those haunted places. But only one of the stories she hears is actually a local legend – the other two are scripted inventions by some of Britain’s best horror writers…

We asked Rachel to gives us a taste of what’s in store for listeners.

How did this podcast come about?

I’ve always been interested in the supernatural and I do regular Instagram Lives where I share people’s true weird happenings and strange experiences. I love hearing folk tales and local legends too, so the podcast just came from me wanting to engage more with the subject in a way that isn’t stuffy or old fashioned. I wanted to do spooky that doesn’t take itself too seriously!

Why podcasting? What is it about the medium that was perfect for this project?

People love listening podcasts at bedtime. What’s better than listening to me scare myself silly as you’re tucked up safely in bed?

Without giving too much away – can you tell us the scariest thing that has EVER happened to you?

It would be giving too much away, you’ll have to listen to the podcast…

I might be in need of some reassurance after listening to this! What’s your current go-to happy listens?

What’s Upset You Now? with Paul McCaffrey and Seann Walsh has me absolutely crying with laughter.

Ghoul Guide with Rachel Fairburn artwork

Listen Ghoul Guide now on Apple Podcast, Spotify and other popular podcast apps.

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