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INTERVIEW // Matt Allen from Digital Bulls

Matt Allen digital bulls


INTERVIEW // Matt Allen from Digital Bulls

Digital Bulls is a new podcast production and promotion agency. Established by music service agency The Famous Company as part of an effort to diversify the creative services, the agency comprises a specialist team of Bristol-based content creators, designers, marketing experts and audio-visual engineers. From conversations and interviews to storytelling, documentary and scripted fiction, it develops, produces and distributes bespoke podcasts of all genres and formats.

We caught up with Matt Allen, Managing Director at Digital Bulls, to find out more…

Matt Allen

Can you tell us a bit about who you are and what you do?

Matt: I founded The Famous Company, a music services agency in 2010. Over the last 12 years we have worked with artists across the globe, helping them find their sound, reach new audiences and launch their music careers. As a result of various lockdowns the music industry has been hit quite hard so I wanted to future proof the business by diversifying our service offering. We did some research into podcast production and felt it was an obvious next step for us to take.

We launched Digital Bulls a podcast production & promotion agency at the start of this year. My role within the business is as Managing Director.

The Digital Bulls team has a background in the music industry. It’s easy to see how you could step into working in other audio, but what do you like best about podcasts?

Matt: Our team are obsessed with podcasts. Our favourites range from keeping up with the news for me, The Blindboy Podcast for Harry, comedy and food podcast Off Menu for Rachael and wrestling podcast Something To Wrestle for Zaid. I spoke to the team before this interview and this is what some of them said they liked the most about podcasts:

Sol: Podcasts are a great way of learning, they provide lessons on the topics I’m really interested in.

Cameron: I come away from podcasts feeling inspired, creative and motivated. They are a great way to learn more about topics I’m interested in.

Matty: I find podcasts are a great way for me to wind down and distract my mind from life’s daily challenges.

Digital Bulls

Has there been anything that surprised you about stepping into podcasting?

Matt: I love music, I’ve worked in and around it for most of my adult life, but there’s something about podcasts that I find fascinating and so amazing. Podcasts are a really personally experience. Unlike a show or a lecture where the performer or speaker can react to the audience, whatever you hear in a podcast, it’s the original raw conversation, no changing of opinion based on audience reaction. And despite how many millions of people might listen to the podcast, it’s just you and the podcast when you listen to it. That’s really special – it’s what makes podcasts so personal, raw and most importantly real.

What is something you haven’t managed to do yet, but you would really like to work on?

I can’t really say too much as we have a number of Digital Bulls original podcasts in development but we want to be synonymous with creating socially responsible original podcast content. We’re based in Bristol but work with podcasters across the UK and also in the US. Bristol is famed for it’s wildlife and natural history media content, as is known as the green film capital of the UK, we would love nothing more than to become the podcast city of the UK too – an ambitious plan but we’re going to throw everything we’ve got at it!

What is the most valuable lesson you have learned since moving into podcasting?

That everyone has a story to tell. No matter what their background or who they are, they have something to say. As species we are curious beings, we love learning, and we love interacting with each other. Podcasts became so popular during lockdown as it brought us together in a way that we couldn’t do in person. I think you would be hard pressed to find someone now who hasn’t listened to a podcast – that’s a really great thing.

And where can Pod Bible readers find out more about you?

You can find out more about our services and meet our team at We can’t wait to hear from you!

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