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15 new podcasts to listen to in April 2021

Podcasts to listen to in April


15 new podcasts to listen to in April 2021

Pod Bible aims to be the essential guide to podcasts. To keep your download list full of brilliant podcasts, and help you find the next podcast sensation, we’re bringing you the latest podcast releases in our New This Month feature. This month has seen a bit of a boom of podcasts for Spring! Here’s our round-up of new podcasts to listen to this April…

New Podcast Shows

The Doodler

Subscribers to the newsletter will have seen The Doodler was a recommended New Pod. There are many podcasts about The Golden State Killer, The Unabomber and Ted Bundy. But in the mid-1970s, “The Doodler” terrorized San Francisco’s gay community. He possibly killed as many victims as the Zodiac Killer, yet you’ve probably never heard of him…  Listen now Acast >>

Hear Me Out

Hear Me Out with Lucy EatonLive performance has been badly affected by the COVID pandemic, and many performers have turned to podcasts as a creative outlet. In Hear Me Out, Lucy Eaton invites the audience in on behind the scenes chats with theatre-makers. Lucy asks ‘What is your favourite speech?’ and the answers are sometimes literary critique, and sometimes tales of fake-blood-in-the-eye, audience interruptions and corset-bruises…  Listen on Acast here >>

The Atlas Obscura Podcast

Atlas Obscura

Atlas Obscura has been sharing curious and wonderous travel destinations for over a decade. The new (almost) daily podcast is an extension of this work done, and comes out on Monday-Thursday every week. Each episode is less than 15 minutes long and pulls out some interesting facts about a little-known destination. The structure is really interesting as well, with great sound design and interviews weaved into the narration by Atalas Obscura Co-founder, Dylan Thuras.  Listen now on Spotify >>


Zombie Mum

The newest podcast from Broccoli Production, Zombiemum is hot of the press. After writer and illustrator Laura Dockrill became a mum, she woke up on her first Mother’s Day in a psychiatric ward. She was diagnosed with post-partum psychosis, and since then has been on a mission to uncover the psychological effects of bringing a small person into this world. Laura was first featured by Broccoli when she took part in the original Anthems Women series, and this podcast links with her powerful memoir, What Have I Done?Listen on Spotify now >>

Running On Emotion

Running On Emotion

A new sports podcast with a difference, Running on Emotion asks guests about a specific emotion (pride, anticipation, trust, fear, etc.) and how they harness it to excel in their chosen field. Hosted by sports broadcaster Alastair Eykyn, guests in the first season include Sir Andrew Strauss OBE, Dame Katherine Grainger DBE, and David Weir CBE. In the first episode, Rugby World Cup winner Lawrence Dallaglio talks about ‘pride’. Listen now >>

Other new podcasts for your list:

  • The Solo Collective – this podcast is a survival guide to lone and home working. Rebecca Seal, author of the bestselling book Solo – How to Work Alone and Not Lose Your Mind, hosts this 12-part series Listen on Acast >>
  • That Would Bang – a film and TV podcast with a twist. Join your hosts Adessy and Patricia as they discuss their favourite shows and go head-to-head, pitching their own dramatised storylines to a special guest – who will pick a winner! Listen to YouTuber Lucy Moon discuss Netflix hit Bridgerton here on Acast >>
  • Cold Case Crime Cuts – A spoof True Crime podcast from BAFTA-winning writer Jon Holmes investigates the cold case crimes committed in song. Who shot who in the Copacabana? Who really Shot The Sheriff? And did Video Kill The Radio Star, or was it someone else? Listen now >> 
  • Roots and Rituals – Mentioned in our newsletter, this is an immersive audio experience where host Yasmin Shahmir speaks to Shamans, Elders, Authors, Practitioners and more, drawing connections between rituals past and present to uncover ways we can move through our lives and our world with more meaning. Listen now >>
  • Heidelberg – a scripted fiction show which shares the story of two Allied spies who infiltrated an entertainment-based prisoner of war camp and “took down the Nazi party.” Listen now on Spotify >>
  • Unexplainable by Vox – a science show about everything we don’t know, hosted by Noam Hassenfeld and featuring an array of experts and Vox reporters. New episodes drop every Wednesday. Listen now on Acast >>
  • Nosy Neigbors – Spotify’s newest comedy podcast, Hosts Candice Thompson and Chinedu Unaka share the “wildest neighborhood stories of the week,” from “petty posts on local forums” to “good neighborly behavior.” Every episode also features a comedian calling in with their own neighbor stories. Listen on Spotify now >>

New Podcast Seasons

Where To Go – Season 2

Where to go

If the easing of COVID restrictions has you dreaming of your next holiday, Where To Go has you covered. Created by guidebook company Eyewitness, this is a travel podcast with practical travel tips. If you’re not put off by the erupting volcano, the first episode of  Season 2 talks about Iceland –  home of volcanoes, fermented sharks and black beaches. Listen on Acast now >>

Banged Up – Season 2

Another podcast back for a second season, Banged Up reveals what it ‘s actually like to serve time At Her Majesty’s Pleasure.  It’s been featured in the Telegraph’s Top 100 podcasts to listen to, and was described by  The Independent as “an entertaining yet unflinching podcast”. We’re interviewing hosts Claire, Rob and Mike for a future online article. Listen to the podcast now to get ahead of the game!  Listen on Acast now >>

Poppy Hillstead Has Entered The Chat

Poppy Hillstead Has Entered the Chat

A Pod Bible fave, Poppy Hillstead brings us a third series of the treacherous depths of internet chatrooms. Poppy talks to real people and then re-enacts the chats in the most deadpan way possible for her listeners. In Poppy’s own words “it’s real manky shit, but maybe you’ll like it.”  Listen on Acast now >>

If you listen to these podcasts, please tell us what you think! Tag us on social media @PodBible. Read more of our New This Month editorials for the newest podcasts to listen to.

Do you have a show for our new podcast list? Email with the show description, release date and artwork. We will share as many launches as we can!

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