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Spotify Announce New Q&A and Poll Features For Podcast Users


Spotify Announce New Q&A and Poll Features For Podcast Users

In celebration of International Podcast day, Spotify introduced two new interactive features. The Swedish behemoth announced yesterday that both Q&A and Polls have been built into the platform and will be available to creators enabling them to engage more freely with their listeners. Previously, podcasts have been one way traffic with listeners not being able to give feedback directly however Spotify have vowed to expand their efforts in remedying the matter.

Podcasting on the platform has seen a drastic increase throughout 2021 reaching nearly 3 million titles globally. In response to this rapid growth Spotify are acting accordingly making their intentions very clear on the future of podcasting.

The festivities are not over just yet! An additional feature called “Find The One” is a brand new digital experience introducing listeners to their most compatible podcasts. By simply heading to and filling out a quick quiz you will receive a fully personalised recommendation along with a share button for your socials.

So, Spotify are making their podcasting platform more interactive with three new features.Q&A, Polls and “Find The One”. No need to promote your instagram page or use any other apps to garner engagement. The platform aims to create increased functionality in order to reel in potential podcasters looking to build a community. Feedback and value offer is essential for any creator. Spotify have made their intentions clear on the podcast space. Stay tuned.

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