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Every issue, Jason Reed from Leap UK & the Stop and Search podcast speak to the people behind podcasts from the charity and causes sector. The Good Samaritan of Issue #017 is Race Reflections’ AT WORK… 

JR: It’s ever more apparent that we need to listen to the voices who are directly impacted by race, inequality and oppression. Speaking to the team behind the Race Reflections’ AT WORK podcast, we find out more about the need for conversations around racial justice and equality.

RRAW: From the very first episode, we have dived deeply into topics such as racial trauma, joy as a form of resistance and the psychological framework of race-based traumatic stress. More recently we have discussed the concepts of scapegoating and aversive racism whilst also addressing topical issues such as the mistreatment of the Black players in the England team after the Euro 2020 Final. Racial trauma in the workplace is an issue not often reflected upon.

JR: What’s the story – how and why was the podcast started?

RRAW: Race Reflections is a fast-growing social enterprise dedicated to tackling inequality, injustice and oppression in society. We provide this through various activities including organisational consultancy, training, community engagement and content creation. Founder and Head Disruptor, Guilaine Kinouani – author of Living While Black – decided to introduce a podcast that addresses the psychological impact of racism and racial trauma in the daily lived experience of black people.

JR: Like any podcast with a social message it’s important that the listener engages and seeks to do more in the space:

RRAW: Race Reflections’ AT WORK brings the same engaging, stimulating and supportive content found on our membership platform, but in a free audible form. We hope that this podcast provides a place of sanctuary.

We talk about issues concerning Black people but also speak to issues that include people of colour generally and people marginalised in other ways. Tuning in provides you with an opportunity for reflection and exploration for and with people that want to be active participants in the conversation for change.

JR: What more can we all do?

RRAW: Visit our website: – you will find a variety of membership options. Spreading the word and the link to a podcast episode that you enjoyed is also appreciated! We love to hear from our listeners and your ideas for future episodes can be submitted to

‘AT WORK’, as the name suggests, focuses on inequality, injustice, and oppression AT WORK and is solution-focused. What more can we all do? Acknowledge our complicity and recognise that it’s important to think beyond interpersonal issues, considering cultural and structural issues as well to promote the well-being of staff of colour and marginalised people in our communities.

We have several exciting changes in the upcoming months as we begin to welcome different voices and perspectives to the podcast. We will be inviting exciting speakers including artists and authors from marginalised groups to add to our discussions; covering topics like the success of Black pound day, ‘taking up space’ as a black person in a social setting, and employment barriers across different industries.

Race Reflections AT WORK

Listen to Race Reflections’ AT WORK on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and other podcast apps. For press enquiries, contact: To find out more, visit:

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