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Which Audible Original Podcasts should you listen to in March? (Issue #025)


Which Audible Original Podcasts should you listen to in March? (Issue #025)

Each issue of Pod Bible magazine, our partners Audible bring you a round-up of the best Audible Original Podcasts. These are the shows that Audible members are loving, and the press are buzzing about. Without further ado, here’s The Holy Grail of Audible listener favourites, from Issue #025 of the magazine…

Squid Scam

Squid Scam

In 2021, scammers stole $16 million from thousands of investors across the globe, by capitalising on the hype around NFTs and the success of the hit Netflix series Squid Game. The scam was so believable, the BBC, Yahoo and CNBC covered its initial trading success, before later publishing headlines revealing the full scale of the fraud. Investigative journalist Janhoi McGregor takes a deep dive into the murky underworld of Crypto and NFTs, to attempt to uncover the true identity of the squid scammer in an attempt to find justice for the victims. Listen now >>

“Could not stop listening…”
Amazon Customer

“Excellent podcast and well presented”


Reinvent Your Life with Mel Robins
Mel Robbins: Reinvent Your Life

Reinvention doesn’t have to be hard–it can be simple and fun. Buckle up and start your journey to a better life with motivational powerhouse and best-selling phenomenon Mel Robbins! Listen now >>

“Loved it! Great advice and it WORKS”
Mr McGlinn

“Change my life for better”
Amazon User


Sleep Sound with Sienna Miller
Sleep Sound with Sienna Miller

In this season of Sleep Sound, come with Sienna Miller as she transports you to some of the most relaxing winter and spring scenes on the planet. From a windstorm on an English harbour, to a dawn chorus by an Estonian lake, settle down and snuggle up to the rumble of approaching thunder. Take a deep breath, relax, and join Sienna on an escape to sleep. Listen now >>

“The sound and short story are beautiful”
Ms Byles

“Beautiful and powerful”


Shared Baggage
Shared Baggage

Relationship advice from comedians – what could possibly go wrong? Shared Baggage is the series where listeners seek help from stand-ups Catherine Bohart and Larry Dean on all things dating, love and sex. But don’t worry, relationship expert Charlene Douglas is there to steer them back onto the right track if (when) they get it wrong. They’re also joined each episode by comedians who bring their own experiences, perspective and – usually – much better advice. Listen now >>

“Great fun and interesting”

“Could not stop laughing!!!”


Jack Whitehall's Safe Space
Jack Whitehall’s Safe Space

Jack Whitehall throws open the doors to his Safe Space, the place where we can all share our most embarrassing stories and try to feel better about ourselves along the way. With a career built on getting into awkward situations, Jack knows more than anyone the power that sharing can have in getting over the moments we most regret. So come in and settle down as Jack asks listeners, his best friend James and big name guests to share their personal humiliations so we can all move on, cringe-free. Listen now >>

“Always fabulous”
Ms Butler



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